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  • Hi Ian

    I’ve been familarising myself with the [bgmp-list] shortcode. However, I can’t get all the placemarks to be returned, only a subset of them, and have spent some time tonight analysing the output from the shortcode.

    I currently have 963 placemarks, spread across 60 categories.

    When I use the [bgmp-list] shortcode I expected to get all 963 placemarks returned, since I understand that filtering by category is not yet possible. However, that does not happen. Only 197 total are returned. These are 99% from one category only (which I’ll call Cat 1 and which has 196 placemarks in it). However, of the 196 placemarks actually allocated to Cat 1, only 193 are returned. The remaining 4 placemarks which make up the total 197 returned by the shortcode are from a second category (which I’ll call Cat 2 and which contains 250 placemarks). The 3 “missing” placemarks from Cat 1 and the 4 “extra” placemarks from Cat 2 give no reason for their “selection” – they are not the first, the last, consecutive etc – they appear to be random. The shortcode does consistently return these same 197 placemarks, though.

    Do you have any idea what’s going on? Are there some limitations to the shortcode that I’m not aware of?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • Plugin Author Ian Dunn


    That is odd; the only restriction in the query is that they’re published.

    It’s possible that another plugin or your theme is modifying all queries accidentally. Can you try activating TwentyEleven and disabling all other plugins?

    If that doesn’t work, it’ll be hard to troubleshoot without seeing the actual placemarks, so could you send me an export of them? You can do that from Tools > Export and select the “Placemarks” option. Then upload it somewhere and post the URL. If you don’t want to post the URL publicly you can use the contact form on my website.

    Hi Ian

    Many thanks for your advice.

    Swapping to TwentyEleven did not help, but after applying a little logical thought I found the offending conflicting plug-in – Post Types Order. I had used it to order my placemarks alphabetically to make them easier to browse. I have de-activated that plug-in and your bgmp-list shortcode now works as expected. Maybe posting about this might help someone else in the future.

    For a related question, my theme (Weaver II Pro) gives me the ability via a shortcode to query posts (including custom post types) based on category. I tested it to see if it would return only placemarks from a specified category, but the shortcode ignores the category argument and, in fact, returns the identical “subset” list that I got using your shortcode when the Post Types Order plug-in was activated.

    From my reading of this Forum (specifically, your post here) I expect this is related to the custom taxonomy and so just entering the BGMP category slug, eg “nsw”, by itself is not sufficient. Is it possible to reference the BGMP category in some other way eg “bgmp-nsw” (I actually tried that, but it was still ignored)?



    Plugin Author Ian Dunn


    If the theme supports it, I think you’d need to enter both the taxonomy and category into the shortcode, e.g.,

    [shortcode-name taxonomy="bgmp-category" category="nsw"]

    Your theme may name the argument something other than “taxonomy”, though, so you may need to check the documentation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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