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    on the schedule page it appears you are using the game results widget. Typically, you would want to show this on a separate page than the schedule. The reason is that it is meant to show the results of a particular game, usually this is done by selecting the link from the schedule or player stats page.

    To get back to your question, the game results page will show the teams and score at the top in the form – Team A 1, Team B 7. You can see an example here

    That character is the comma (,) separating the teams. Since a particular game has not been selected the teams are not shown, only the comma.

    My suggestion is to remove the game results shortcode from that page and put it on its own page. I also usually suggest that you hide the game results page using a plugin like “exclude pages from navigation”.

    Plugin Author nick50119


    I looked a little further and it looks like you do have a separate game results page as well, so you just need to remove the game results shortcode from your schedule page.

    An additional note, on the game results page it looks like you put in a game results shortcode for each team. For this particular widget as well as the player stats widget you don’t need to use the team or season attributes, just use [bbnuke_gameresults] and [bbnuke_playerstats]. The same widget will be used for all teams.

    The reason that I had put the different teams is that I was trying to get all game results showing on one page.

    When you click on any of the results, all that shows is that game’s results. I was hoping to have all the game results display for each time and thought that would do it. I have done what you suggested, thank you.

    Ok, moving on I need to ask about some other things.

    This plugin is actually being used for an entire league, not just one team. So that we can have all the different teams instead of one, we started out by “spoofing” the system by using the team name + the year as a season. However, this would entail re-adding all teams every year with a new year like this: 2012U10 for the 2012 season, then we’d have to add them all again like this: 2013U10 for the 2013 season.

    We’re afraid if we just use the year for a season like this: 2012 and next year 2013 etc and the same team names every season (named by year) without the year so they don’t have to be redone every year: U10 Belleville that by using the year as the season, it might screw up the database and cause problems by adding identical team names to each season.

    Will the database be able to decipher correctly that season 2012 holds all the teams by name and when it changes to season 2013 that those same team names can be used and display stats/info just for the 2013 season?

    Being that I’m not a baseball player I’m probably clear as mud so let me try this just in case I’m confusing.

    Season 2012
    Teams U10 Belleville, U10 Stoughton and on down the line (there are a number of U10 teams).

    If we do the same thing for 2013
    Season 2013
    Teams U10 Belleville, U10 Stoughton etc

    Will the database use the Season to display only info from the 2012 Season and then only info from the 2013 season etc etc etc or will we be confusing things by not giving each team a year along with it’s name like this 2012U10 Belleville, 2012U10 Stoughton etc

    Plugin Author nick50119


    That should not be a problem at all. The statistics are only shown for the season, even if the same team belongs to multiple seasons.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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