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[Plugin: baseballNuke] Statistics problem

  • Hello again,
    i added the statistics from our last games. When I added the hits the plugin did not count correctly.
    I added H 2, 2B 1 and the plugin counted H 3, 2B 1
    Is this how it should be?
    Everytime i add a 2 basehit the plugin counts a single basehit on top.

    Hope you can celp me again with this.


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  • Plugin Author nick50119


    Hi Andre,
    This is actually the expected behavior. The is no column on the batting stats widget to show singles (1B), only totals hits (H) and extra base hits (2B,3B,HR). The H column is for total hits and is calculated as 1B+2B+3B+HR. So as you mentioned, if a player has 2 singles and a double they will have 3 hits.

    Okay i think now I got it to enter the scores correctly.

    the other thing is, is it possible to delete the scores of RE,LOB and FC. We don’t score them. and add instead CS (caught stealing)? Can I just rename them or do they have do stay the way they are?

    Plugin Author nick50119


    You can change them, but the problem is they would be lost with each upgrade. I will add the requests to be included in a future release.

    Okay thanks for your answer.

    I have found an other Problem. We have a mercy rule and time limit in our league. Is there a way to include it? For example: If a game is only 3 or 4 innings long, the era calculation is not right.

    Do you know any solution?

    Plugin Author nick50119


    Hello André,
    That is actually not a problem. ERA is calculated based on the standard game length, so even if the game is cut short by the mercy rule the ERA would still be calculated based on the standard game length for your league, probably 7 or 9 innings.


    Hm, maybe you can explain it to me.
    One of our Pitcher earned 3 runs in a 3 inning game. The plugin counts 9 ERA. I entered 3 innings pitched.
    If i enter 9 innings of pitching in this game it counts an ERA of 3 witch will be right. But then he has pitched 9 innings in the statistics, witch isn’t true.

    So an ERA of 9 is correct, because it could have been that way?

    Thank you in advance

    Plugin Author nick50119


    Hello André,
    By default, bbnuke calculates ERA based on a 9 inning game, however there is an option to change this based on your typical game length on the settings page. For instance, my league plays 7 inning games so we would change this value to 7.

    ERA is a calculation of a pitchers average runs allowed per game (9 innings). So, if a pitcher pitches 3 innings and allows 3 runs they are averaging 1 run per inning. Over the course of a 9 inning game, that calculates to a 9.0 earned run average.

    You can find an explanation of ERA and how it is calculated here

    Wow, thanks for your very quick response.

    Okay i will follow the link. I do not score, i only get the data and was wondering if this is correct.

    I have to change the inning length to 7, too. But i do not find the right spot. Can you point me to the right direction


    Plugin Author nick50119


    It appears I was mistaken on the game length setting. It will be included in the next release 1.1.

    Thanks, i will look forward to this release.

    I havent updated do 1.0.9 by now, after the update all changes i made in the code are lost and I have to edit everything all over again. Should I wait for the 1.1 release, or is it going to take a while?

    Plugin Author nick50119


    I would guess 1.1 will be out in about 2 weeks.

    That is very good.
    I think i would have come up with some new questions until then;-)
    Thank you for your great work

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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