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  • Hey,
    i´m stuck again.

    When i enter the fields of the other teams, the plugin is always linking to my (home)field. I do not want to link to the fields of the oher/away teams.

    Is it possible to change the linking? Can you point me to the right place for editing?

    For example: We habe 5 Teams playing against each other. I have added 5 fields. But i would like to have only my field linked.

    And the dates and times are like we are used to in europe. Is it possible do add the date like this: DD-MM-YYYY and the time 24h mode?

    I read a lot of code, but i didn´t find the right part!

    thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author nick50119


    I believe the dropdown menu is actually not functioning properly, I will look into it. However, the link to the individual fields from the schedule page should work properly as long as the “field” variable is defined in cookiemonster and the field/location page is identified on the admin page.

    For the date, I can look into this. I may create a admin option to determine which format to use.

    Okay i added a field named “away”. I think this is the easiest solution i can handle.

    Now I added all my games for this season, no problems so until now.

    I tried to enter a game result, but i couldnt choose a game. The plugin says there are no games. Do you know about this issue or is there something I may have forgotten?

    thanks again in advance

    Plugin Author nick50119


    It sounds like maybe you have not created any games on the schedule yet? If you have entered games on the Schedule tab but they still do not show up on the Game Results drop-down menu, make sure that the season is set on the Game Results page.

    Plugin Author nick50119


    P.S. – Do you have any comments on the German translation? A volunteer in Switzerland just submitted a French translation and has offered to re-do the German translation as well.

    I created all 24 games under section schedule season 2011. The games show up and i can edit the games again under the same section.

    When i continue in game results section i first set the season 2011. The Plugin says “Season set successfully” but there are no games i could choose from in drop down field. Total games:0

    I tried a few times in different order, but sadly without success.

    I started with the translation but it is hard to find the right spots do edit. I would do it, but i´m only able to give you the translated words. I cant edit the code.
    If you have someone else to translate it would be fine with me as well.

    Edit: I pressed the button delete all games under game result section, and all games were also deleted in schedule section.
    somehow strange because he said before there are no games.

    Plugin Author nick50119


    Ok, I have found the issue. The list being returned for the games to edit is searching on year rather than on the season. I have corrected it and will release a new version sometime today with the fix.


    Hey Nick,
    thanks for the Update. Sadly the issue isn´t corrected. I still habe the same Problem.
    After the Update I saw the games in game result section. But i had to clear the schedule, after i cleared the schedule the problem was appearing again.


    Plugin Author nick50119


    Hmm, that is strange. Can you please send me the output of the following from your database?

    select * from wp_baseballNuke_schedule;

    I don´t really know what you mean.

    I found in bbnuke-db.php the following:

    $query = "CREATE TABLE” . $wpdb->prefix . “baseballNuke_schedule` (
    gameID int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    visitingTeam varchar(255) default NULL,
    homeTeam varchar(255) default NULL,
    gameDate date default NULL,
    field mediumtext,
    umpire varchar(255) default NULL,
    homeScore int(11) default NULL,
    visitScore int(11) default NULL,
    gameTime time default NULL,
    notes varchar(255) default NULL,
    type text,
    season varchar(20) default NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (gameID)
    ) ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=748 ” . $charset_collate . “;”;

    Plugin Author nick50119


    Hi Andre,
    The command I sent you is an SQL query, you would need to run that against your MySQL database.

    I would like to see the output to verify that the season column is getting set with your schedule. I have not been able to duplicate your issue, but I would really like to correct the issue whether it is in the code or a lack of documentation. I have created a brief how-to document on my webpage.

    Ah i think now I got it. Here is the output of the database:

    SELECT *
    FROM wp_baseballNuke_schedule
    LIMIT 0 , 60

    I this what you were asking for?

    Hey Nick,
    i tried a bit with the command. Now i found the right place to run it.
    It shows me all my entered games after running. But i still have the problem when i try to edit the game results.

    Even after your newest update.

    Since the update my “next game” widget shows a game scheduled today. But i don’t have a game in my schedule. Funny thong is that the time of the game changes every minute?!?

    Do you have any answers?

    Thanks in advance

    Plugin Author nick50119


    can you please email the output of that command to nick50119 at gmail dot com? Can you also send me the URL to your site so I can see the issue in the next game widget?

    Plugin Author nick50119


    Hi Andre,
    Just wanted to post my emailed response here in case others come across the same issue. The time stamps in the schedule, next game and last game widgets were updated to use the WordPress date/time format in version 1.0.8. It appears there were some issues that made it through quality control (me) in the next/last game widgets that have now been corrected in 8.0.1.

    The issue you are seeing on the game results page with no games in the dropdown menu is that all of the scheduled games are in the future. On the game results admin page only games scheduled for the current date or in the past are available to enter results. The idea is that game results won’t be entered for a game that has not taken place yet. The most recent game will always be displayed first in the dropdown menu.

    Hope this helps and good luck this season. Please keep me posted on any bugs you run in to or any enhancements you would like to see.


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