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  • Are there any known issues between Bad Behavior and the Intense Debate commenting system?
    Also, the Similar Posts plugin?

    I’ve been mulling the odd problems I have with Intense Debate — specifically, people have complained that they either are not allowed to comment and they do not receive any email notifications on replies to their comments although this feature was working perfectly till very recently — and noticed by accident that:

    1)the similar posts links are not displaying on my blog; I’ve tried various settings but no good;
    2) BB is logging ID comments (the comments themselves, as well as my emails indicating the comments to be approved) as being blocked.

    Regarding the latter, the funny thing is most of the comments DO show up on the blog. Eventually. But they also show up as being initially blocked by the BB plugin which makes me wonder if there isn’t an unresolved conflict there.

    The Similar Posts plugin doesn’t appear to have been updated recently although, to the best of my knowledge, it’s still working. or supposed to be.

    These problems all started in the last couple of weeks since I upgraded to wordpress 2.8. At least, that’s when I noticed them.

    Anyways, can anyone give me a definite answer whether there is a conflict between Intense Debate and Bad Behavior? And also between BB and the Similar Posts plugin?

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