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  • When working with large websites (700-800MB and up) Both version 0.8.0 & Dev version generate corrupted zip files, also log files always ends up with the line: “Creating zip file…” and never with the success message.

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  • Please use the new Version 0.8.1 and set the Log level for PCL ZIP to min.2 to figure out the problem.

    I tried but gave up after more than 2 hours of script output.
    Folder size is 1.5 gigs.
    Tested on dedicated server (quad core with 12 gigs ram).

    I’ll try again later today.

    It seems like there is some difficulties with large websites, over 2-4 gigs of data, backup takes too much time and ended up corrupted, while the same task from server command line takes about 2 minutes.

    It it possible to make log and console (list of files during backup) optional ? just show something like loader-progress animation ?

    Maybe also create tar.gz backup files.

    good news for you….
    backwpup now supports (in dev. version) tar.gz and tar and tar.bz2 Archives.

    PLease test the development Version and give feadback.

    Hi Daniel,

    Downloading now a 2gb tar.gz file, I’ll post here if file is ok, one thing is sure, It was very very fast, 2 min total operation!

    I confirm tar.gz file is ok!
    Thanks for this dev version!!!

    that sounds good. 😉

    zip creation is changed too if php has zip lib.

    I have some big bug fixed in the dev version so that i release the dev version in the next days.



    Just to interject: I think large backup size contributes to the problem I have, where the job never completes. The log ends at the same point.

    voyagerfan5761: I need more information (logfile, mem of php can use, how large are the files)……



    Oh, I haven’t had corrupted ZIP files, just backups that die, and I think most of those have been solved (for the moment) by the .tar.gz support in the development version and cuts in how much data I back up.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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