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  • I’m looking at your plugin because I like the fact that active development is going on and I think it will do what I want, but I don’t want to even install it given the W3 Total Cache conflict.

    I saw the post where you gave instructions for a work-around when using W3Cache (Use a cron service or unix cron)

    I’m testing another backup solution now which works with WP-Cron and W3 Total Cache without a problem.

    Do you plan to fix the conflict between BackWPup and W3 Total Cache? If so, when? (BackWPup does look like a great plugin and I’d really like to give it a try!!)

    A little bit off-topic: Does BackWPup support storing the backups in a directory on the same level as the home directory instead of in the home directory? I’d like the backups to not be accessible to the public via a web browser.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    i thinking many time on how to fix it but the W3Chache Author not answeres my request that made it not easy…..

    BAckwpup can store backups outseite the home dir. the rights must correct for this-

    Perhaps, you could take a look at Crony. It schedules tasks in the WP cron system and works fine with W3 Total Cache.

    Or at this Word Press backup plugin which works with wp cron:

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    ok i will have a look….

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    i can see that say do nothing to prevent multible runs

    I’d like to take a look at it.

    Could you tell me the symptoms so that I will know what to look for?

    What happens to W3 Total Cache?

    What does backWPup do that’s wrong? (Is it running and then rescheduling itself again 2 minutes later, or is it starting up a bunch of backups all at once, or going into a loop, or hanging the server?)

    What’s happening that’s causing people’s websites to be shutdown?

    If I deactivate backWPup, does W3 Total Cache start working properly again or does it have to be repaired?

    If I use crony or one of the other tools that displays the wp-cron scheduled tasks, will it show a whole bunch of backWPup scheduled tasks?

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    BackWPup has only one task that runs all 5 minutes.
    i the task it will check if a job must run or not (stored timestamp in the wp-options).

    with W3 Total Cache activaded one job will run multible times and not only on. i have tryed to made all prevention from cache that is in the readme listed but nothing works. now i have removed all preventions in the development version.

    I think it is a database chaching problem, because the timestamp is set to the now one on job start.

    EZPZ OCB works without a problem using wp-cron. I think I will compare their code to yours and see if I see anything.

    We’ll figure something out about the cron.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    can anyone test the deveopment version ?
    I can’t reproduse the problem anymore.
    I think the changes i have made will help.


    Hi Frederick & Daniel,

    I’m successfully running W3TC & BackWPup 2.1.4 on WordPress 3.2.1. The Disable WP-Cron option is not checked in my installation.

    I was having the WP-Cron issue a month or so ago, but unfortunately do not know what versions of the two plugins I was using at that time, as we just rebuilt/redesigned our entire site over the past month.

    I’ll report back if anything stops working.

    Pleased to say, cron seems to be working very well so far along with W3TC.

    I’ll be monitoring as well. But so far this plugin is pretty much doing very well, with a host of great options.

    Small suggestions if the author would like them. But other than that, it’s on course to being the top back up solution on WP.

    There is a bug in the implementation of wp-cron which has been fixed for WordPress 3.3; which hasn’t been released yet. If you want wp-cron tasks to work reliably, you need to disable wp-cron and create a real cron job to do the work. Even once WordPress 3.3 is released, wp-cron is a hack I recommend you avoid. Read this article to learn how to work around wp-cron’s problems.


    Thanks everyone.

    So, just to confirm, is it OK to use “my host’s cron” (Linux Red Hat) and keep the WP-Cron unchecked in the settings? is that the recommendation?

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