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  • When i run my backups. i also get a copy emailed to me, dropbox and to a ftp.

    but when the backup is running its sending me 10 backups to my email all the same size all containing the same thing?

    also get it doing the same to my dropbox and to my http://ftp….

    can you look into this its getting annoying now and spamming up my ftp server and my email .. and wasting dropbox space too …

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  • Browsing the forums I did not see this issue before. I guess that it is either some conflicting plugin, or more likely, your automatic backup settings which are incorrect.

    its set to back up once every friday at midnight.

    This happens to me also. I have 12 Mails send to me with the logfile and 6 Files in my dropbox. If i manual start a Backup all works fine.

    Same here…

    – [ERROR] Job _____ already running!!!
    – repeated files backups
    – database – restore from backup – wrong characters (everything is broken)
    – dropbox don’t work well

    … this plugin has just to many bugs….

    I give up !

    I’ve just noticed the same issue. I set a weekly backup to run at 3:00 am on Sundays, and set it to save to the server’s backup folder. Looks like the script fired off every 5 minutes from 3:00 to 3:55 am.

    No harm done, I suppose, except that I only need *one* good backup. 🙂

    Actually, there *is” harm done. I’ve had MULTIPLE accounts get flooded with too many backups (forgot to set max # files), and it’s crushing my servers.

    This is going on like crazy when using the built-in WP-Cron settings. It’s in 3.1.2 and 3.1.3.

    Daniel PLEASE look into this. Contact me if you need access to a server where it’s happening.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    sorry I dont make changes on the version, because WP 3.2 is on the way and i have nerley coplete recoded BackWPup for the 3.2 release. I will be release if WP 3.2 is out.

    You are going to copy and paste responses? Well so am I.

    Daniel, this is extremely irresponsible of you. I understand it’s open source, but you have created a plugin that is devastating servers and took one of mine down with its errant processes last night.

    I just woke up with 233 e-mails – a server had been gzipping all night long and was on its knees. It’s not a horrible thing until you fail to claim responsibility in helping fix the problem.

    I am also not the only person having these problems, so clearly it is not just me.

    Not everyone will be moving to 3.2 immediately. You have a responsibility to those whose servers your software has hammered to FIX THE PROBLEM before we get thrown off of our hosting plans.

    I have lost all respect for you and your plugin and will be finding another backup solution and writing a terrible review (and SEOing it) unless you do something about it.


    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    please test 1.7.4 and give feadback

    Daniel, great plugin by the way. I’ve been suffering with the multiple backup problems – although not as badly as some on here.

    I’ve been updating the plugin as you’ve released new versions over the last 2 days (1.74..1.77) but have still been getting the problem.

    I installed 1.77 last night to see if that solved the problem but this morning I saw that the plugin had run 5 times for the same backup job. Each time I was emailed a log file and each time it said that the backup has been completed successfully.

    My configuration:
    – Backup to DropBox
    – Store a maximum of 8 files in DropBox
    – Job type Database Backup
    – Activate scheduling ON
    – Minutes 0, Hours 03, Days ANY, Day of Month ANY, Day of Week ANY
    – Backup file: LR_Daily_SQL_
    – Send log to my email address
    – Store backups on server too – “/MYWPROOTFOLDER/wp-content/backwpup-XXXX/” (I’ve changed the items in CAPS)

    -All 5 files were stored successfully in my DropBox account. Only the 8 newest files are there – the oldest ones were deleted. All 5 backup files also present in my backwpup-XXXX folder too.

    -I have one other scheduled backup job which is a file and database backup. It runs on the 1st and 15th day of the month so it shouldn’t have interfered here.

    From the log file hidden HTML elements:
    <meta name=”backwpup_version” content=”1.7.7″ />
    <meta name=”php_version” content=”5.2.17″ />
    <meta name=”mysql_version” content=”5.1.54-msl-usrs-sure2-log” />
    <meta name=”backwpup_logtime” content=”1309057368″ />
    <meta name=”backwpup_errors” content=”0″ />
    <meta name=”backwpup_warnings” content=”0″ />
    <meta name=”backwpup_jobid” content=”2″ />
    <meta name=”backwpup_jobname” content=”Daily XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX SQL” />
    <meta name=”backwpup_jobtype” content=”DB” />
    <meta name=”backwpup_backupfilesize” content=”899412″ />
    <meta name=”backwpup_jobruntime” content=”10″ />

    I’d be happy to help try to resolve this if you want me to try different things.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    runthe 5 job at sthe same time or on after the next?
    can jo mail me all 5 logs ?

    Daniel, the jobs run one after another. I’ll send the logs to the email account from your main (in the German language) web site.


    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    in the moment i can see it comes with W3 total cache im testing more but with the plugin i can reproduse it!

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    I got my hosting account suspended after using BackWPup. I don’t a caching plugin and I don’t had any cronjobs set.

    So there is more to this.
    Maybe this plugin isn’t al to stable

    Also read this:

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