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  • I got kicked from my shared webhosting cause of this plugin…..

    I Could just determine what was happening before they locked me out. The backup process was working for 2359 seconds, which is more than 39 minutes. This was just after I cleared the running process.

    Think this problem is related to other bugs where people get many log files and backups mailed to them.

    It sucked up a lot of process power of the shared server. It’ snow sunday and I guess my hosting provider will not sort this out today, so this sucks big time….

    I think this totally sucks and this plugin should be redrawn till the problem is solved.

    This looks like major stability issues and code issues, that break the plugin when WordPress gets a update.

    It’s a shame, cause the functionality is good.

    This needs to be sorted out very quickly by the developer…..

    In the mean time don’t install this plugin on a latest WP! Stay away from it! It can get you banned from your hosting provider!!!

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    im working on a completly new version, and i don’t make bug fixes in the moment.

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    First, I get no response from my hosting provider which process caused the problems.

    Secondly, they unsuspended my account, without notice. Which might be a indication, that the problem isn’t that big as they made it appear to be. So it looks like a sort of falls alarm. Sorry for that.

    Unfortunately I can’t edit my original post anymore else I would cut out most of my words.

    I’ll take some precautions when I use the plugin again. I really like this plugin and hope you make good progress with building the new version. I think it’s a good approach not to put time in fixing bugs, but totally concentrate on the new version.

    Sorry about my misplaced warning for your plugin.
    Keep up the good work

    I actually had the same problem – file backups – the process was running for way too long – a shame you cant add a warning to be sent to the user when the process takes too long to run

    because of this i’ve removed the file backup process

    but the database backup process works fine (opendir warning) but other than that the db backup works great.

    But mcbart completely understand what you mean about the process issue – very worrying – but luckily i was not on shared so had no issues with resources but still…

    Hope you are working on some good stuff Daniel

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    in the new version the prozesse not loger works with no time limit.
    and the abort function will try too kill the prozess.
    A new job can stared first if no other run.

    in the moment i thinking on make the file open/write/close not so often or store the logs in the database. …….

    Daniel is the new version you are makin going to be designed for wordpress 3.2??

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    yes, ist the min. requiremend.

    Also ich kann das ebenfalls nur bestätigen. Der Prozess wird läuft 24 Stunden durch bis das nächste tägliche Backup gestartet wird. Das hat zur Folge, dass die Ladezeit der Website völlig in die Knie geht – 30 bis 40 Sekunden sind jetzt die Regel.

    Jetzt frage ich mich, wie man den Prozess stoppen kann. Genügt es, wenn ich das Plugin deaktiviere oder muss ich mich an den Webhoster wenden, damit er diesen killt? Hat jemand einen Rat?

    Es macht meiner Erfahrung nach derzeit keinen Sinn, das ansonsten sehr gute Plugin einzusetzen.

    Daniel, do you have an estimate when the new version will be released? Really would like to try it out 🙂


    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    yes, with WP 3.2……. i hope…..

    I’ve had a problem with the runaway process. It seemed the problem was that my DB was very large due to many log entries in the redirect plugin. I removed the entries and my DB was at about 60mb with no problem with a runaway process.
    Now, I’ve noticed ever since the upgrade to 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 that the DB backup repeats itself over-and-over. I had over 800 pages of backups (luckily zipped they are only 3.8mb each)

    I thought perhaps it was an issue of maintaining the site via an iPad, but no, today I had about 12 backups, running one after another.

    I’ve tried everything but to no avail. I’ve deactivated the plugin for now.


    That doesn’t look good….. Hope Daniel cleans up his code. This kind of behavior of a plugin gives WordPress users a bad reputation with there hosting companies.

    I’ll delete this plugin for now.

    I’m in the same boat on a LOT of different servers. It seems that BackWPup is getting called a ton of times.

    It could be WP-Cron’s fault, I’m not sure. Either way, there’s a massive bug and it needs to be diagnosed.

    I can provide access to a site that is having this issue if you like. I found out because I ran out of space. That server must have gotten clobbered.

    The best way to see what’s happening is to have yourself get e-mailed even when there are no errors. If it’s happening all day long, you have a serious problem.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    sorry I dont make changes on the version, because WP 3.2 is on the way and i have nerley coplete recoded BackWPup for the 3.2 release. I will be release if WP 3.2 is out.

    With this kind of problems, reported by different users I think it is the responsibility of the developer to take down the old plugin from the plugin download page.

    It seems that the plugin contains bad coding practice that creates great havoc.

    Daniel please take your responsibility and pull the old version. Your plugin is giving WordPress a bad name by a lot of different hosting companies.

    And pelease use good coding practices writing your new plugin and test, test, test, before releasing it. If your new plugin is also displaying bad behavior your wreck your reputation as a coder.

    Daneil, this is extremely irresponsible of you. I understand it’s open source, but you have created a plugin that is devastating servers and took one of mine down with its errant processes last night.

    I just woke up with 233 e-mails – a server had been gzipping all night long and was on its knees. It’s not a horrible thing until you fail to claim responsibility in helping fix the problem.

    I am also not the only person having these problems, so clearly it is not just me.

    Not everyone will be moving to 3.2 immediately. You have a responsibility to those whose servers your software has hammered to FIX THE PROBLEM before we get thrown off of our hosting plans.

    I have lost all respect for you and your plugin and will be finding another backup solution and writing a terrible review (and SEOing it) unless you do something about it.


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