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[Resolved] [Plugin: BackWPup] Recent 404s on Dropbox

  • Hi,

    Recently (since the latest WackWPUp version maybe), I get an error when the file backup includes spaces I guess :

    2012/09/07 07:42.54: Envoi vers DropBox commencé…
    2012/09/07 07:42.56: Sauvegarde envoyée vers https://api-content.dropbox.com/1/files/dropbox/Backups%20sites/mysite.com/backwpup_db (including forum)_2012-09-07_07-42-53.zip
    2012/09/07 07:42.58: [ERREUR] DropBox API: (404) Path ‘/backups%20sites/mysite.com/backwpup_db (including forum)_2012-08-29_10-30-08.zip’ not found
    2012/09/07 07:42.58: One old log deleted
    2012/09/07 07:42.58: Opération effectuée en 5 sec.

    The backup is actually transferred onto my dropbox account, though.

    Got an idea of what’s wrong ?


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  • (Oh and btw, did you notice this encoding problem with accentuated letters ? Shows up only when log is sent through email, not onsite.)

    Well, some important fact that slipped through : actually, the file concerned by the 404 is a file that BackWPUp wants to *delete*, as I use the new option “Max. number of files in the Dropbox Directory” with a setting of 10.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    The encodig Problem in mail have i found and will fixed with next release.

    The Problem on deliton is not a Problem of a space. it is a problem of the %20 in path. i don’t know if i can fix it in moment. Please remove the %20 and use a normal space.

    Thanks. I will try. but I introduced the “%20” a long time ago as a workaround when a space in the dropbox path would make the transfer of the file fail in BackWPUp

    Tested. Looks like replacing “%20” with a space does work indeed. Thank you Daniel.

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