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  • Resolved samarvrn


    Hi i am using backwpup it is a great plugin i am loving this plugin but it is not working for my dropbox account everything goes good and fine but when it tries to connect to dropbox it gives this error
    [ERROR] Can not Auth with DropBox API: Only the app owner can receive access token while this app is in development mode
    Please check your app at dropbox and dissable the development mode if you have finished it


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  • grenow


    OK: updated to 1.6.2. Deleted one job (I have been running two backups/day). Re-authenticated with Dropbox, ran job: fails to upload to Dropbox with this message:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: Invalid signature. Expected signature base string: POST&,… etc etc



    I’m also unable to backup to Dropbox, and I’ve tried on a number of different servers:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: (100) Invalid response.



    For me it’s working on one site but not another. Same error message as Andy UU1CC and grenow:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: Invalid signature. Expected signature base string: POST& etc

    Previously the backup job was just hanging for more than a day and had to be manually cleared.

    On the site with the above error message, I tried de-authenticating and re-authenticating. On re-authenticating I see a blank screen; refresh and it’s authenticated.



    I’m getting the same thing as marknjones. It works on a couple of my sites, but on the other 3, I get an

    [ERROR] DropBox API: Invalid signature. Expected signature base string:

    Deleting authorization and re-authorizing doesn’t seem to help.

    Richard Tape


    Hi there, I don’t know if this helps, but the DropBox connection from “wp Time Machine, version: 1.9.16” plugin works just fine for me. — it has nowhere near amazing options that your plugin does, though (i.e. practically none).

    Perhaps that will help, I’m not sure.

    Daniel Hüsken


    wp Time Machine don’t yses the dropbox API with oAuth prosses.

    im sersching for the problems …..

    Richard Tape


    I’ve been doing a bit of debugging based on my problem. I’ve edited your $message output on line 115 of libs>dropbox>dropbox.php to give me the output of certain things.

    When I output


    I get

    If I output


    I get:


    outputs nothing.



    Resource id #129

    and perhaps interestingly,

    $req_req->sign_request($this->OAuthSignatureMethod, $this->OAuthConsumer, NULL)


    Invalid response.

    Hope that helps a little.

    David Decker


    Hi there,

    I am also getting the new dropbox errors:
    If I run a job the job works ok, but I have to clear it manually now!
    And in the logs there is the dropbox error at the end:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /…/wp-content/plugins/backwpup/app/libs/dropbox/oauth.php on line 8

    Also: I cannot delet the dropbox auth in the job settings though I deleted the app manually via my dropbox web account.

    Sorry to say this again, would love to see this fixed because I really love and need this plugin!

    Thanx Daniel for any help and support!


    Daniel Hüsken


    hi i use a outh lib that many plugins can use.
    pleace add in 2. line of app/libs/dropbox/dropbox.php the follwing:
    if (!class_exists(‘OAuthException’))

    i will add it too next release

    Daniel Hüsken


    if have added some extra error detecting for the next version.

    David Decker


    Thanx Daniel, but it won’t work for me now: I changed the line to the following but didn’t work:
    if (!class_exists('OAuthException')) require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/oauth.php');

    I deleted your app on dropbox website because I thought it would help…
    Now I cannot delete the auth in your plugin and backup to dropbox won’t work. On other sites I cannot make a new authentification (where I hadn’t one before!). The backup itself works of course only dropbox fails as other users report.

    So I just wait for your new version and bugfixing.

    Thanx again, dave 🙂

    Daniel Hüsken


    i think i have founf your problem and fixed it in next version

    Andy UU1CC


    I just added suggested string but got an error message again:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: Invalid signature. Expected signature base string:

    I think that it should be a good idea to rollback to previous version of your dropbox interaction code, but I don’t know how it should be possible.



    I have upgraded backWPup at version 1.7.1 but I have founded another error with Dropbox syncronization.
    If I launch a job that I have created previous than upgrade it reports me:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: (55) select/poll returned error.

    Else if I launch a job that I have created after upgrade it reports me:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: (52) Empty reply from server.

    Thanks for your help



    Hi all,
    This Plugin works great for small backups that can be emailed or plain old insecure FTP. However, I am encountering numerous issues getting it working in a secure fashion with SFTP and laterly DropBox.

    It may help narrow down outstanding issues if people stated what OS their WordPress is hosted on. My site is hosted on Windows. This issue did not arise when I tested the same version of this plugin on a Unix hosted site.

    I am using version 1.7.1 of BackWPup- the latest version and experiencing the same issues with others eg:

    [ERROR] DropBox API: Invalid signature. Expected signature base string: POST&

    Can anyone suggest what changes I could make to the code that would help debug this?

    Thanks all,


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