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  • Hello:
    I fill in all the information for dropbox, sugarsync, or amazon. It is authorized/verified/accepted. I then click SAVE, and it says it has saved.
    I scroll down to where I just entered all that backup destination information, and it has all been erased. Nothing there.
    And if try to run the backup, no destination defined.
    I am using Firefox or Chrome.
    I have a multisite install.
    I have tried disabling most plugins, nothing works.
    Any ideas please?
    Thank You.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Plugin Version ?
    WordPress Version ?

    I working self with Chrome…
    and a Multisite install

    Hi Daniel:

    Thanks for your reply. I am using:
    BackWPUp: Version 2.1.7
    WP: 3.3.1

    It used to work okay, but now when I click on Save Changes, it says for example: Job ‘Database’ changes saved, and then if I scroll down, it has cleared out all the settings I had just entered as backup destination.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    hmmm, in momrnt i have no idea…

    I have the same issue. I’ve disabled all plugins and tried again.

    I am using:
    BackWPup version 2.1.11
    WordPress version 3.4
    PHP ver.: 5.3.13
    MySQL ver.: 5.5.23-55

    same issue as above.

    WordPress 3.4.1
    BackWPup 2.1.15
    PHP 5.2.6-1
    MySQL 5.0.51a

    Hi Daniel, I have the same issue. However, it has worked on a few sites. On (WP 3.41) I have installed it and synced with SugarSync no problem.

    However, on and (both on a different server), I can save the settings initially, but when I go to SugarSync to define a folder (instead of the Deleted Folder), and then go to Save, it takes me to a 401 page. Doesn’t let me save anything. When I try a backup, it says no destination folder established.

    Also, I am not using Multisite and AM using 3.41 on all my sites.

    Would really appreciate your help.


    Same issue as above plus nor Dropbox or Sugarsync even authenticate. Clicking on authenticate just refreshes window. Also worth noting this plugin has yet to work for me on multisite. I keep coming back and trying new versions like a child looking for vindication from his astranged father only to be disappointed each time. This is maybe the 3rd version I’ve tried.

    Using BackWPUP 2.1.15
    Wordpress 3.3.2
    PHP 5.3.13

    I’m having the exact same issue. I can create of jobs but I cannot save any changes. I can’t even rename the jobs, the settings are simply never saved and there is no warning or error message.

    This is only happening since the most recent update a few days ago. Prior to that it was working fine (for the last year or more).

    I am using the latest versions of WordPress and BackWPup.

    WordPress Version 3.4.1
    BackWPup Version 2.1.15

    I’m guessing this must be a bug?

    EDIT: I just tested and I am able to make a copy of an existing job, although I cannot make any changes to it. But I am not able to create a new job from scratch. As soon as I hit save it just displays the settings from the existing job and anything I entered is immediately lost. There is no error or warning. Very strange.

    @daniel Huesken
    FYI: Latest plugin version is working fine with 3 sites I’m using it on. Can save new jobs and modify existing ones.
    All sites WP 3.4.1, plugin v2.1.15
    Themes used: NonNom (TwentyEleven Child Theme) Thesis 1.8.5, Mystique 3.3.2
    Maybe this info may help to save you some time



    The only common denominator I can figure out is the server on which it is working. I am using Webhostingpad – and every site I’ve tried to set up SugarSync on through there does not work. However, on other sites I am using JustHost and doteasy and they work fine. I’m using the latest version of the plugin, latest version of WP, and have been using Artisteer generated themes. Something is up with the settings in the server I think… but I can’t provide any further details than this. Someone with more know-how, however, be my guest!

    I am having a similar problem: 2 multisites on the same server with the exact same httpd settings. The only difference is that one runs a bunch of multisites and has over 40 plugins activated, the other one is a fresh install with only 4 plugins activated.

    The one with less plugins works. Can you guys check if you have any of my plugins installed, so we can narrow it down? Unfortunately, I can’t deactivate and reactivate all the plugins, as I run a busy multisite and can’t play around with it…



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    Needless to say: most recent WP 3.4.2 version, most recent plugin versions of all plugins, PHP 5.3 on both sites, etc.


    It used to work okay,

    What changed before it stopped working?

    @titush, your best bet is to disable all the plugins and re enable one by one to see which plugin is causing the issue.

    Kind regards

    None of my sites (BackWPup working on all) on that server, but here’s plugins in common for more info:
    Quick Cache (one site)
    Fast Secure Contact Form (2 sites)
    BWP Google XML Sitemaps (all sites except 1 – using nearly identical Google XML Sitemaps)
    And of course BackWPup (Every wordpress site)

    @mbrsolution: I can’t do that, too much traffic on these sites, and I don’t want to risk having to go through all child sites checking if all plugins were reactviated correctly…

    @mikeotgaar: thanks for sharing this:

    Strange, none of these plugins seemingly have anything in common with that… The one closest is Quick Cache, as I don’t think sitemaps or a contact form would impact the save process..

    Quick Cache doesn’t cache the admin area though, so it shouldn’t be correlated either… really strange, does anybody else have any ideas what this could be caused by?

    Thanks, Titus

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