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  • Hi Daniel,

    I upgraded to 1.6.0 but BackWPup still hangs / keeps running forever.
    I have to click Clear to stop it.

    Backups seem to be created correctly though.
    Just downloaded my latest backup and it looks ok.

    I’m using a scheduled daily backup.

    Error messages in the log
    [WARNING] Working Job will closed!!! And a new started!!!
    [ERROR] Backup Cleand by User!!!


    Run Database optimize…
    2011-03-06 07:29.18: [WARNING] No Tables to optimize
    2011-03-06 07:29.18: Run Database check…
    2011-03-06 07:29.18: [WARNING] No Tables to check
    2011-03-06 07:29.18: Backup Archive File size is 58.38 MB
    2011-03-06 07:29.18: Job done in 250 sec.
    2011-03-07 06:26.04: [ERROR] Backup Aborted working to long!!!

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  • New error message

    [ERROR] Job Daily Backup and Optimize already running!!!

    I’m getting the same problem, intermittently. It often hangs on larger backup jobs. I have one site that has 300MB of files, and it creates the .zip file fine, but does not complete transferring the file to my ftp server. Hangs at a different point each time. On other sites with less files it usually works fine, but occasionally will hang the same way.

    I just tried changing from .zip to .tar.gz but the same thing happens. I can see the ftp transfer happening on my server, and I can see the update symbol spinning on the tab in my browser that is open to the backup log, and then at some point in the transfer the update symbol stops spinning, and the ftp transfer stops at the same time.

    Daniel, what else can I change/try to fix this?

    I used to tranfer the backup to a different server using FTP as well.
    Now I just create a backup on the same server.

    I notice that in both cases the backup proces hangs.
    Yesterday it reported a runtime of over 90,000 seconds.

    I’m running a scheduled daily backup.

    New warning message:

    [ERROR] Job Daily Backup and Optimize already running!!!

    My backups aren’t that big: around 60 MB

    Just downloaded the latest backup.
    The zip file seems to have been created ok.

    Best regards,


    I do a backup on the same server as well, and the backup file is always created successfully there, although the backup process does still hang. It’s like the backup process is working fine, but the reporting of it hangs.

    It’s a bit risky for my taste to have my only backups on the server that host the site. If the server crashes or gets hacked badly, then my backups are useless to me.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    the problem ist that files that will be transfer often must complete read in the memory!

    So what is the solution to this problem?

    I ended up having to exclude the folder that the backups were being saved to on the server. I would see where it would backup one, the second time took longer, third even a bit longer, then the fourth would never finish. Really depends on your host configuration.

    Beyond that, I set it up only to retain the last one, however, I’ll be manually pulling them off until the DropBox connectivity is working again.

    Daniel, I’m not using ftp.
    Updated to 1.6.1, but it still hangs.

    Have to press the Clear button to stop.

    Backups are OK

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