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  • Resolved eltonic


    nothign doing. no errors.
    simple does nothing when i click/try anything

    previous versions at least ran automatically.

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  • Hi there,

    I’m also getting no errors, but nothing works. I click the “Back Up Now” button – it reloads the page, but there are no messages, and there are no backups created in the backups folder.

    What’s the best way to get some debugging messages from this to help figure out why?



    I recently added a bit of code to my .htaccess file which solved a similar problem with the auto-upgrader not working with very similar symptoms. The code forces your server to use PHP5 instead of defaulting to 4. Here it is:
    AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
    Naturally, I offer no guarantee of success, not did I write this code. Add it at your own risk (if it doesn’t help, you can always take it out again)


    Thanks HTH – I tried this, but to no avail. It seems quite strange that no errors are being logged at all (I’ve turned on logging) – however, I’m not sure if WordPress plugins usually log to the same file as the WordPress log?

    Please excuse my ignorance, I’m pretty new to WordPress.



    I’d also like to figure out why there aren’t any backups made – manually results in a page refresh, automatic isn’t happening.


    Hi guys,

    I gave up with this plugin and tried a different one – BackWPup. Seems to do everything that BackUpWordPress is supposed to do.

    If I was more familiar with WordPress and PHP I would have attempted to figure out why BackupWordPress is not working as I like it’s simplicity, however, it’s just easier to go with something that works out of the box.


    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Human Made

    Hi Matt,

    My apologies that BackUpWordPress didn’t work for you, it’s most likely that both Your’s and Chris’s issues are something to do with wp-cron not working, BackUpWordPress uses wp-cron to run the backups in a separate process.

    I am working on improving the robustness of the plugin and have a new version in the wings.

    I’m glad that you found BackWPup and that it is working for you.

    I have backupwordpress working on a few sites, all hosted on my reseller account with jiffynet.

    Today, while building a new site, I found backupwordpress wasn’t making any backups.

    An htaccess file was the only file in the backup folder. I removed it then clicked ‘backup now’ and a new backup appeared, but so did the ht access file again!

    Here’s whats in the htacces file –
    # BEGIN BackUpWordPress
    deny from all
    # END BackUpWordPress.

    I don’t know if backupwordpress is writing that file or if some security at the host is doing it. There are no problems with the other sites.

    I really like this plugin, it saves EVERYTHING – images, themes, database – it’s a FULL backup.

    I emailed Tom Willmot a couple of weeks ago and he was very helpful. I also asked him if there is a way to set the plugin to work weekly, or even say every 4th day rather than daily. That would be very useful for some of my websites which i don’t check daily.


    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Human Made

    Hi Rob,

    I’m sorry to hear BackUpWordPress has stopped working, did you manage to get it to start back up again?

    Regarding the .htaccess file, it’s there for security to stop people browsing to your backups directory and downloading a copy of the site, I think I’ll put a comment in the file detailing whats its for so that it’s more obvious, thanks for the heads-up on that.

    I am planning on implementing the ability to change the schedule from daily, should be released in the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for using BackUpWordPress and for reporting your issues, hopefully I can get them all fixed.

    Just to reiterate: a backup hasn’t happened for me since May 21.

    Thanks for your work in getting this fixed, Tom – I’m looking forward to a full backup again soon! 🙂

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Human Made

    I have released a beta version of 1.2 which hopefully fixes some of the issues you guys are having.

    I would love it if some of you would be kind enough to try it out and let me know whether it does indeed work before I make a general release.

    You can download the beta from

    Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t provide a way to auto update to a beta version so you’ll have to download it and manually upload it to your site replacing the version that is there already.

    Thanks again for all your patients and for helping make BackUpWordPress better.

    Hi Tom, I’ve downloaded the Beta and will install it at the site I’m building and report back.

    I did some testing this morning, with the version already installed and I’m working on the basis that clicking the ‘backup now’ button is the same as waiting a day for the auto backup, which of course may not be the case.

    I clicked backup now and it did not go faint with the ‘whirring’ symbol which shows it is backing up. I clicked again and nothing.

    I de activated maintenance mode and when I went back to the backup tab, the backup now sign was faint , there was the ‘whirring’ symbol and a backup was being made. I hadn’t clicked it so it was stimulated from the before and activated by maintenance mode going off, or there was a delay in starting.

    I clicked backup now again and nothing, clicked it again and another backup was made.

    I activated maintenance mode and clicked backup now 5 times – no result. I deactivated maintenance mode and clicked backup now a few times with no result. waited a bit ,longer – 20 seconds – clicked again and another backup was made.

    If any of that makes sense to you or is useful then good!!

    I’ll report back on the beta version just downloaded.


    Here are my results using the beta version
    BTW I notice the date of the backup is much easier to read- good one!

    I removed the old version and installed the beta.

    Maintenance Mode plugin deactivated.

    First click of ‘backup now’ and a backup was made- Yay!

    I activated Maintenance Mode plugin – could not get a backup to be made

    de activated maintenance Mode and could again make backups.

    I don’t know about the auto backup yet. I have left 3 backups in the folder (confirmed through CPanel) and will report back tomorrow.

    The Maintenance Mode plugin is by Michael Wohrer and I use it to put up a splash screen while working on the website. It’s good because it blocks the site to everyone not logged in, so I can view the changes as I make them but others see the splash screen.

    I have left it activated.

    I have a copy of my website on my laptop, use XAMPP to run it – it’s awesome to do testing and such.

    Installed the beta, one click on “backup now” and the page refreshed and then took ab….til how long it took to write this far! To do the backup.

    Browsing to the .zip file (‘cuz I can do that if I’m running locally, haha) and browsing through it, it’s all there.

    I’m happy! Will let you know if the automatic update in an hour happens OK.

    Yup, automatic backup worked fine.

    I’ll wait for a few other people to say it’s good for them too, and then look forward to the next release 🙂

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Human Made

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to thank you all for your patients with all the issues you have been experiencing and for your help testing 1.2 beta.

    I have just released 1.2 to the plugin directory, even if you are running the beta it should offer to auto update to 1.2.

    Now, any suggestions for 1.3?

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