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  • I’ve just installed BackUpWordPress on a new site and used the “backup now” option. The backup appears to have completed okay, it created a large ZIP file in the wp-content/backups directory. But it also created a backup_warnings file, and I’m wondering what this warning means. It looks like it’s identifying a PHP error in one of my plugins (FlexoArchives). But (1) I don’t know if this means the backup isn’t good, or if it’s mostly good but this particular plugin didn’t get backed up properly, and (2) why would BackUpWordPress be examining or trying to run any plugin code in the first place? Seems like all the PHP code on the site would simply be treated as text data by the backup process.

    {“php”:{“2e7aeada06470157d49cf479be6ee549″:[8,”Undefined property: FlexoArchives::$OPT_YRCOUNT_STANDALONE”,”\/home7\/minneaq1\/public_html\/wp-content\/plugins\/flexo-archives-widget\/flexo_archives_widget.php”,111],”ed66a23cb7377e83fcda061e5e433556″:[8,”Undefined property: FlexoArchives::$OPT_YRCOUNT”,”\/home7\/minneaq1\/public_html\/wp-content\/plugins\/flexo-archives-widget\/flexo_archives_widget.php”,112],”d0fc3112c7f71f1e04d6501b67e8fda5″:[8,”Undefined property: FlexoArchives::$OPT_YRCOUNT_STANDALONE”,”\/home7\/minneaq1\/public_html\/wp-content\/plugins\/flexo-archives-widget\/flexo_archives_widget.php”,124]}}

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  • Follow-up: I just did another “backup now” on the same site, and this time it didn’t generate any warnings.

    The only difference, as far as I know, is that this time I excluded one path that contained 300+ MB of audio files, so the resulting ZIP file is much smaller.

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    BackUpWordPress isn’t running the code in your plugins as part of the backup process, what it is doing is catching any PHP errors that happen during the backup process in-case any of them are from BackUpWordPress itself.

    You can safely ignore any errors generated by other plugins, or email the plugin author and ask them to fix.

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