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    I am on eastern time. The host is on central time. I am only one hour ahead of the host. The Backup Scheduler is set for [3] which I understand to be 3am. However, yesterday it kicked off at 4pm (my time) when I was tweaking environmental settings (colors, borders, etc., using Weaver II Pro). I lost ALL of my settings, even those I had not touched.

    (1) Is the backup time = host time, or UTC, or ?
    Or is that parameter not working correctly?

    (2) How to protect active work if backup kicks in.

    Thank you.

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  • Also, yesterday’s backup does not show on the list on the WP screen (the one from last week is there). Yesterday’s backup, however, Does show up with date-time stamp on the host/server.

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    … hum … I am not sure to undersatnd everthing

    First the time is your server time … I do not know how it is configured on your machine

    What is your second problem ?

    1st: My server is a well known large host company. Now that you confirm time parameter is for server time, I’ll check with them to verify correct time on the server. It is not likely they are 12 hours off, you said something about configuration (?)

    2nd: This entry shows up on the server:
    06/06/2012 04:46PM Directory backup-scheduler
    (That fits the time I was working on WordPress and lost data.)

    But the only log entry in WordPress Backup Scheduler is this:
    Backup finished on May 30, 2012 at 14:56:48.

    It appears that the 6/6/12 log entry did not occur. Maybe because I was working on wordpress files during the backup (unintentionally)? Or Backup Scheduler consider that backup to be corrupted, in which case could it tell me there was a problem….

    Apologies for my confusions, just looking for a way to avoid problems again. Thank you.

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    Do you have lots of trafic on your webserver ?
    Is your site is huge ?

    Could you also contact me throught the feedback tab in the plugin page (on the administration side of your server)… Indeed, it will send me extra information and debug data ?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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