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  • Hello!

    I experienced trouble with the plugin. Well, here the story begins…

    I installed and configured everything. Did manual backup. Very nice. Checked Google Drive – great. Tried secong time. Blank screen. And blank screen no matter what. Reinstall plugin, deleted options – still blank screen. So I started investigation.

    Error_log told me, that there was an error in shutdown, it could not update options and unlock the backup because “MySQL server has gone away”. And the _trancient lock remains, so backup could not run. Deleted _trancient manually, and backup runs again. Only once though. After that – the same story.

    I am not great at php, but i tried put somewhere

    ini_set('mysql.connect_timeout', 300);
    ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 300);

    no use. The same thing.

    Is it big deal? The lock should expire in a day on it’s own. But after this error the process quits and does not whant to delete old backups. Well, not very good. I do beleive it is related to timeout – my site is in development and nobody visited it. More, the issue happens very consistently, every time. I tried dosen times…

    Can you look into this issue?

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