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    I’m trying to use this excellent plugin on all my sites, backing up onto one Google Drive – one website per folder. The first site I authorise works great – no problems. But when I try to authorise the second site, I get that error which is fixed by revoking access using the Google accounts page. No problem.. I just revoke access, and then authorise the plugin again in the plugin settings. Now the second site works! But of course the other site won’t back up to Google Drive (presumably because access has been revoked!) and the log shows the error:

    The server returned code 400 Bad Request while trying to obtain an access token. (bad_response)

    Obviously I can’t grant access to more than one site with the same Client ID. So, do you know a way to back up multiple sites using one Drive? Do I need multiple client IDs?

    Many thanks

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  • I see on Google’s API Access page that I can create up to 7 client IDs per ‘project’.

    Would you recommend using these 7 ID (one for each website) or should I make a separate ‘project’ for each website I’m backing up? I’m new to this Google API stuff, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!


    This is an important issue I haven’t been able to find a simple solution to.

    You could make a new client ID for each website, but for people who have more 7 websites to backup that’s not a good solution.

    On my websites I manually copied the refresh token from the authorized website and put it in the databases of the others.

    I could make a filed under client secret in the Authorization box where you can add a refresh token if you have one, and obviously display it somewhere so you can copy it.

    Not sure if that’s a good idea.

    The best thing would have been for me to add my Client ID and secret in the plugin so that users wouldn’t have to go through all these loops but since you have to register the redirect URIs of all the websites where the plugin is used that’s obviously impossible.

    I have another idea. This one might be worse, but I’m just writing my thoughts here.

    I could pass the authorization process through one of my domains. That way plugin users won’t need to enter anything ( Client ID, secret, token), just click allow when Google asks.

    I would like to hear other people’s opinions on this.

    Do you know if there is a limit to the number of Google API ‘projects’ you can create? What about just creating a new project when you need 7 more client IDs? Or even a separate project for each website?

    I never tried, but I guess it should work.

    I’ll give it a go and report back 🙂

    Update: I’ve successfully set up 4 different websites with your plugin, all backing up to one Google Drive. I just added more Client IDs on Google’s API page.

    All seems to be working great!

    Thanks again 🙂


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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