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  • Hi Myatu,

    Thanks for yor great plugin. I’m using it on my website with the ‘Select an imageā€¦ on a page (re)load’ option.
    I have the question if there is a possibility to get rid of (or diminish) the solid colour in between backgrounds by pre-loading the next background into memory? It would be soooo nice if an image was retained and then fades into the next. But maybe this is just impossible to the way browsers or my Pagelines Framework work.

    Kind regards, Jan

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  • A little addition. I discovered that you could almost annihilate the solid colour in between page loads if you set the changing of backgrounds to be timed (every xx seconds) and also activate the (cookie)function that makes that Background Manager remembers the last image and starts with that on the new page.

    Would it be doable to implement this for the ‘on every page (re)load’ option to start every new page with the latest image while immediately activating the fade in to another background.

    For my website the timed function is to restless (even if I take longer times) but changing it right after a page load might give a nice effect, but it’s just a thought, I have no idea how this would work out in practise. Best regards!

    Plugin Author myatu


    The solid color in between transitions is a bug, which I had hoped would have been resolved with the current version (although it appears it has not). It has to do with not being able to detect if an image exists in the browser cache or not (particularly an issue with Firefox as of late).

    When it works as it supposed to, it should leave the old image in place and fade the new one over top it.

    Oh wow brilliant. I hope you can find a solution to this bug. It would be great if it works as you describe. Thanks!

    @myatu do you have any ETA on that bug fix yet? Just looking for an update, as I’ve been fending off an unhappy client for several months now, and I’d reeally like to stay with your plugin – it’s so superior in every other way! Just really hoping you can get this fixed soon. I’ll be headed straight to the donate button the moment it is!

    @jjsararas, @janpeeters, @myatu. Here’s my post & detailed problem description for this issue and I’ve outlined a 2 fold solution for this also –

    We really want this fixed.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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