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    A really great background image plugin. But I get this error.

    context: trying to import images in with NextGen uploader. selecting to only show background images for home page.

    Here’s my php error trace.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function Pf4wp\Menu\add_theme_page() in I:\xampp\htdocs\meredith\wp-content\plugins\background-manager\vendor\pf4wp\lib\Pf4wp\Menu\MenuEntry.php on line 255
    Call Stack
    # Time Memory Function Location
    1 0.0009 334096 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0
    2 0.0015 337896 require( ‘I:\xampp\htdocs\meredith\wp-blog-header.php’ ) ..\index.php:17
    3 0.6173 22452496 require_once( ‘I:\xampp\htdocs\meredith\wp-includes\template-loader.php’ ) ..\wp-blog-header.php:16
    4 0.6202 22461808 include( ‘I:\xampp\htdocs\meredith\wp-content\themes\bdangtheme\page-about.php’ ) ..\template-loader.php:43
    5 0.6476 22537376 get_footer( ) ..\page-about.php:39
    6 0.6476 22537752 locate_template( ) ..\general-template.php:63
    7 0.6479 22537896 load_template( ) ..\theme.php:1091
    8 0.6485 22546688 require_once( ‘I:\xampp\htdocs\meredith\wp-content\themes\bdangtheme\footer.php’ ) ..\theme.php:1115
    9 0.6485 22546688 wp_footer( ) ..\footer.php:16
    10 0.6485 22546744 do_action( ) ..\general-template.php:1587
    11 0.6493 22548248 call_user_func_array ( ) ..\plugin.php:405
    12 0.6493 22548264 wp_admin_bar_render( ) ..\plugin.php:405
    13 0.6493 22548488 do_action_ref_array( ) ..\admin-bar.php:58
    14 0.6620 22546048 call_user_func_array ( ) ..\plugin.php:486
    15 0.6621 22546064 Myatu\WordPress\BackgroundManager\Main->onAdminBarMenu( ) ..\plugin.php:486
    16 0.6668 22810872 Pf4wp\Menu\StandardMenu->display( ) ..\Main.php:860
    17 0.6668 22810872 Pf4wp\Menu\MenuEntry->display( ) ..\StandardMenu.php:330

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    to reproduce the error:

    assumptions: only select home page to display background
    you have to be logged in as admin.
    go to any page other than ‘home’ to see the error.

    Plugin Author myatu



    Thank you for providing the error trace, which helped me locate the cause.

    There might be a contributing factor of the theme you are using, however I have modified the affected code to use a different approach for what it is supposed to do.

    I will release an update this weekend, which also includes a few more other improvements and new goodies. If you don’t wish to wait until then, you can temporarily disable the cause by editing the file wp-content/plugins/background-manager/app/Myatu/WordPress/BackgroundManager/Main.php and comment line 561:

    add_action('admin_bar_menu', array($this, 'onAdminBarMenu'), 90);

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author myatu



    Just to let you know that I’ve released version 1.0.6, which addresses the problem you were experiencing.

    Let me know if this solves your issue, or if it persists.

    thanks for the quick fix. unfortunately, I switched to the ‘better background’ plugin, and did a hack, so it would only display the background slideshow for the front page–it was the only functionality I needed. So I’m unable to give more feedback at this time.

    I prefer your plugin, but I’ve already coded everything up, and the site works. Client is satisfied, so I’m not gonna switch plugins. I will most definitely you background manager for my next project, since it provides greater flexibility, and options than ‘better backgrounds’

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