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[Resolved] [Plugin: Background Manager] Adding backgrounds from Media Library broken

  • I’m using Background Manager with great results, but for reasons unknown to me I am unable to add the same image to multiple Image Sets and unable to add existing images from the Media Library to an Image Set.

    When I select the “Media Library” tab in the “Upload/Insert” browser only “Delete” appears for each entry, no “Add to Image Set” button at all. That only appears in my “Upload” tab after successful upload.

    WordPress 3.3.1 with Background Manager and a Mailing List plugin. Please advise!


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  • Plugin Author myatu



    You’re not doing anything wrong 🙂 This is a limitation by the WordPress Media Library itself, which only allows an image to be “attached” to a single Image Set.

    It does make more sense to be able to re-use the same image in more than one Image Set, and I hope to find a work-around for this.

    Plugin Author myatu



    Just a quick update on this, the ‘Add to Image Set’ button is buggy in the current version and will be resolved in the next update (should be this weekend).

    I’ve also added a work-around to the WordPress limitation of one attached image per Image Set. The only down-side of the work-around is that it will create a copy of the existing image — it’s more a matter of convenience, rather than saving on storage space. This too will be in the next update.

    Awesome, looking forward to the update.
    The plugin as-is is very user friendly, but requires the user to have the images on his harddrive when he edits the backgrounds.

    Plugin Author myatu


    I’ve just released version 1.0.14.

    It adds the ability to re-use (read: copy) an image that as already been attached to another Image Set, Post or other Custom type.

    There’s also a new tab, that allows you to specify the URL of an image, and it will download it directly into the Media Library/Image Set.

    Finally, for those with large amount of images located on the server, I’ve also added an Local Importer, where you can select a directory and it will import any image it finds (including from any sub-directory, if requested).

    Hopefully this will improve things a bit!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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