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    Actually, I don’t indicate that it was ever tested in multi-site. I’ve had a couple of people tell me it works there (so in previous versions I’ve mentioned that), but I’ve never used it/tested it myself in that environment, and I don’t advertise that it WILL work in multi-site. All it is, however, is a custom post type, and it’s set to allow Administrators only to create and edit the instructions. (There’s no allowance – yet – for super-admins) So unless there’s another plugin that’s interfering (perhaps with the jQuery toggle) I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work in a multi-site environment.

    But again, it’s never been tested in that environment (mainly because no one has ever asked for it to be – and since I never use multi-site, I don’t have a setup where I *can* test it) but I can give it a shot for the next release. All I can say is, for now, the typical advice: try shutting off all the other plugins to see if there’s a conflict; swap to default theme to see if it’s something in the theme code/functions.php file, etc.

    In any case, with so little to go on in your comment, I really couldn’t troubleshoot – “it doesn’t work” doesn’t tell me anything about what’s going on, so if you can provide some more information, that would be helpful.

    The instructions dont show up. I can see your instructions (that’s how I found the video), but the instructions I made, do not show up anywhere.

    I will try with another themes, thanks.

    Plugin Author Doodlebee


    Okay, I know this is 5 months old, but I released a new version last week. I just got around to installing Multi-Site in my localhost area, and I’ve tested my plugin in it and it worked just fine.

    I’ve used the P2 theme and the Twenty Eleven – and although the plugin has no effect on the theme you use, it’s possible that a conflict with the theme’s functions.php file could conflict with this plugin. it’s also possible that another plugin you’re using is conflicting.

    In any case, it’s working fron on my testbed (Back End Instructions 2.1 with WordPress 3.4.1 with multisite enabled). So if you do find it’s another plugin, I’ appreciate it if you’d let me know which one it is so I can try to fix it. And again, I need more info than “it doesn’t work” or “the instructions don’t show up” (which is the equivalent of “it doesn’t work.”) – like what plugins you’re using, themes, any custom functions, what version of WordPress, etc.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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