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  • I created 2 indexs but I’m not finding much info on how to use them, or perhaps it’s too much info.? Is it a shortcode? template tag? I read something about creating a page, or that a page would be created, but I don’t see any new pages, nor do I see a way to create the page with the index.
    Anyway, if someone could explain how it works, and how to set it up that would be great.

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    Actually, while I’m here, I’m looking for something that can index a single page of multiple posts, by their titles, so users don’t have to scroll so much.
    It has to be able to index only the current posts which appear on the page. They are part of a category which includes other posts, so I can’t simply use a category index. The posts are grouped by a tag created by the user, so I can’t set it up to show posts of a given tag, since I won’t know what it will be.
    I have to show multiple posts on a single page because they are all part of a series that needs to be downloaded as a single PDF. however it makes it a hassle to navigate between those posts. If anyone knows if this plugin can do this, or can recommend another which can, I’d be ever so grateful:)

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