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  • Hey,

    many thanks for this great plugin. The code is not complicated so even my as a php novice can find the right point for a little modification.

    Presently your plugin sets a link to the permalink using the_permalink();
    That’s fine but what happens when the page slug will be changed? The link fails!

    Regardings this ‘problem’ and the new clean internal link buidling of WP 3.0, I changed your code a little bit:
    I have commented out line 35 in the link-list.php and add instead the following two lines.

    // the_permalink();
    echo ‘/?p=’.$post->ID;

    If you don’t want absolute paths you can just leave bloginfo(‘wpurl’); and it should still work. (This might be interesting if you move already written content from one website to another!)

    I think this is a handy solution and a sensefull extension of this plugin, isn’t it?

    Love from Bali

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  • Hey Zab,

    Nice work with this and great idea.

    Here are two ideas, perhaps you know how to go about doing them?

    1) For SEO it would be great for the permalinks to be converted into their slug form when a page is requested by a site visitor so that when the page is rendered the links use the current slug as opposed to the permalink id. Do you know of any way to do this?

    2) Could the option to link to blog posts from the list somehow be implemented? Perhaps a second drop-down for “Posts” could be made?

    I’m very interested in these features and hope you can help. My firm may be able to pay for them.

    Hope to hear from you.

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