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  • BTW, my favorite gallery plugin as it leverages the power of flickr. I’ve run into a situation where I can only display a single page or post with an AFG when I have the WP-prettyPhoto plugin activated. Granted, one gallery displaying is better than none and I do realize that AFG includes its own lightbox-esq effect, but for other images on my site I was enjoying the PrettyPhoto effect.

    Has anybody else come up against this. Would anybody else be willing to test this out on their site. There may be other gremlins at work that I am not aware of; theme related possibly.

    Awesome Flickr Gallery on My Site

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  • Plugin Author Ronak Gandhi



    I didn’t understand your issue. When I open your link, I see everything working fine. Do you mean that your pretty-photo plugin stopped working when you activated AFG?

    I have three AFG’s added to three different posts. With PrettyPhoto plugin activated, only one will show. The other two posts will display but no gallery is on the page.

    Currently, I’ve swapped out PrettyPhoto and put in its place ShadowBox JS. Of course now clicking a AFG image results in two pop-overs 🙂

    Not complaining, just sayin’. Again, there could be other issues I’m not aware of, such as what other .js the theme may be injecting.

    Plugin Author Ronak Gandhi


    Can you post the links to working and non-working posts? That would help me identify the issue.

    For two pop-overs issue, you can disable the slideshow in AFG, so that only your shadowbox appears.

    No AFG due to wp-prettyphoto being installed:

    AFG working normally (the only one):

    I’ll send login and pass so you can muck around…

    Thanks for the tip about disabling the slideshow.

    I am also having some issues with this.
    I’ve used AFG to create multiple galleries on a page to display school photos. However, some of the other pages use PrettyPhoto. Although the website itself is ok, I have had the wp-admin white screen of death twice this week since updating AFG. I’ve also had problems saving updates etc. The only workaround I’ve been able to do is to disable all the plugins and re-enable them one by one until the error occurred again. Unfortunately, AFG was the culprit. I really like this plugin and want to use it as I’m building several websites for schools with a premium theme. I checked with the creator of the theme about loading jquery and he assured me that everything was done correctly. The site I’m having issues with is

    Further to my recent post. When reactivating the plugin I get the following error: The plugin generated 3 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    Plugin Author Ronak Gandhi


    Can you post the link to the prettyphoto plugin you are using? I’ll try to reproduce the issues locally on my setup.

    I don’t have a plugin for prettyphoto. Everything is within the theme. I may be mistaken about the cause being prettyphoto. The slider is using jquery but there are prettyphoto references within the theme.

    Plugin Author Ronak Gandhi


    Thanks for the link Flash.

    I installed this on my local setup. Both these plugins don’t play nice with each other. Both work perfectly fine when another is deactivated.

    I’ll need some time to figure this out. It may need some changes in prettyphoto plugin too to fix this.

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