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[Plugin: Autoptimize] Add Encryption Methods

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  • If you currently expose internal data on scripts, then your site was not well-designed, and it’s unsafe. “Encrypting” javascript will never help, as it will have to be decrypted on the client side to run successfully, allowing a possible ‘attacker’ to decrypt it too.

    The nearest thing to encrypting you can get is obfuscation, that might reduce code size and make the code unreadable, but anyways, with some JS knowledge you could get any data you wanted.

    Thanks for the reply, your plugin is amazing…

    Well, first, I think I not explained it really well the first time, I have been developing many JS codes for effects…. for some eye-candy page designs… and some time ago I noticed that some guys got my codes and used it without my permission… that codes was not designed to be opensource nor GPLed… I know that the fact of using WordPress forces to any one release the codes to be GPL… but some times it is not desirable, for commercial purposes, plagiarism, or only because the fact that you would not be recognized as the original author of the code if the ones that got your code releases it GPL and as their own codes, I mean, they dont give credits to the original author…

    Really, it is a delicate subject….

    But, the fact is, If I decide to encrypt the codes, I would not only encrypt it… I also would use any type of obfuscation method…

    I really would appreciate if you implement any type of encryption method and also a obfuscator…

    If you do the same thing for both, CSS, HTML, and JS it would be really interesting…

    I know here 2 or 3 plugins that would be interesting to you take a look to see the ideas and implement in Autoptimize.

    1- Optimize Scripts – It implements the use of Google Closure Compiler, it is only for JS, and it is considered the most powerful both for optimization, minify, and compression. Some times, you can notice a speed up on execution of the scripts also, but it depends very much on the system you are using.

    2- Scripts Gzip – It implements only compression basically, and I think this plugin is the only one that uses Gzip very well. It uses on CSS/HTML/JS.

    3- Hikari Email & URL Obfuscator – It encodes/obfuscate email links and URLs using ROT13 or cc8b. Really powerful, but this plugin seems to be not working properly when some other plugins are active. Also the idea would be to not only use it for links, but for the whole site content, including CSS, links, other JS scripts that is not the main ROT13 or cc8b decoder. To understand better, take a look on this plugin.

    Would be desired to have also a short link maker… for many purposes. It would give some more compression, and would protect from hotlinking for image and download links… there are some PHP scripts that would help you implement it… just look on google about “hotlink protection PHP”. To be more clear, short link maker is not a hotlinking protection, but it is part of php scripts for hotlinking protection…

    Thanks again. Best Regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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