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Title="1" Doesn't Work (3 posts)

  1. cwendt01
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I believe I've requested this before a while ago, but noticed with the new releases that's it's still not working. I believe it only works for tables, but all my sites use lists. So this:

    [autonav display="list,thumb,title" postid="189,199,202" titles="1"]

    even though it has the title="1" attribute in there, still shows the title ABOVE the image, instead of BELOW as desired.

    I'm aware of how to adjust this in the PHP, but it's removed every time I update the plugin. Extremely annoying. Please fix as soon as possible, thank you!

    - C.


    ETA: I actually can't find how to adjust this in the PHP in the current version (1.5) so I'll have to go back to an older version... bummer!!

  2. cdvs
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I actually came here for this very issue. It doesn't appear to function in any form or fashion. This is a really big inconvenience.

    Has anyone reached a solution to this problem?

  3. wlindley
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    One way: You can change this in your functions.php ... here is the default set of list item filters in v1.5.0:

    add_filter('autonav_create_list_item', 'an_create_output_text', 10, 4);
    add_filter('autonav_create_list_item', 'an_create_output_picture', 15, 4);
    add_filter('autonav_create_list_item', 'an_create_output_excerpt', 20, 4);

    To move the text to the bottom: In your functions.php, add the following code:

    remove_filter('autonav_create_list_item', 'an_create_output_text', 10, 4);
    add_filter('autonav_create_list_item', 'an_create_output_text', 17, 4);

    That changes the priority of the Text output from 10 (first) to 17 (between the picture and the excerpt).

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