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[Resolved] [Plugin: AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery Plugin] Thumbnail images not resized linearly

  • First off I want to say a big thank you for creating such a great plug-in. It seems to do exactly what I want from it.

    Now the bad news, sorry. I seem to have a problem with the thumbnail images. In the settings panel I have set “Crop images to size?” to “Crop to exact size, from center of image.” but the images, though cropped around the centre, appear to be squashed sideways. Is there something I am missing?


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  • Plugin Author wlindley


    That should work properly. Perhaps something do with your HTML or CSS? If you have an example URL to look at, let’s see what is really happening.

    I’m using the standard 2011 style for my pages. I’m also only running locally (under Windows XP, IE 8) at the moment so can’t send you a url.

    Plugin Author wlindley


    If you view just the .jpg image, is the image itself correctly sized or not? Could be a CSS issue.

    I have now got the site in a public place.
    http://www.NickWebb.org should get you there, though as I have only recently uploaded the site it may take a while for the redirection to propogate.

    If you look in
    Gallery>Tables>Elliptical Hall Table
    the first thumbnail in the second row demonstrates the problem rather well.

    Plugin Author wlindley


    Well the original image, https://www.nickwebb.org/wp-content/uploads/Pither%20Hall%20Table/2372_017%20-%20Web%20Copyright.jpg, is 1,024px × 683px … which scales exactly to what the thumbnail is, 300px x 200px.

    Everything looks fine on my Firefox, mo matter how I view it. What should work differently?

    I’ve posted some screen captures on Photobucket.

    shows the thumbnails. The photo on the bottom left comes out like this

    which, looking at it again you may well be right about, but this one

    is a lot wider in proportion than its matching thumbnail which is top centre in the first screen grab.

    Plugin Author wlindley


    The thumbnails look right under Firefox, but the page is too wide. Chrome indeed squishes the thumbnails. I do not have a Windows system so I cannot test this on Internet Explorer. The thumbnail images themselves are correct; it is your CSS or HTML that is causing them to be displayed at other than full size.

    I’ve changed the thumbnails back to the default small size.

    Is there nothing you can do in your code to override the CSS/HTML problem?

    Plugin Author wlindley


    No, your theme (and whatever other plugins or customizations you may have) is responsible for creating the CSS/HTML. There is no way that AutoNav could, or should, override them. Speak to a web designer. If you seek further recommendations, you may contact me directly via the email address on the AutoNav homepage.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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