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    I’m working with Autonav to build an attractive gallery section for my portfolio site, and it seems to do everything perfectly… except that it will only display the first row of the grid. I want 5 columns, and for the first row it looks perfect… but as the number of posts in the category grows, the old ones just disappear instead of getting bumped down to a second and third row. Here’s the shortcode I’m using:

    [autonav display=”posts” postid=”category:work” pics_only=0]

    and it’s generating this page:

    There’s a 6th post that should be appearing in the first position on the second row (, but it’s just disappeared. I tried sorting by random just to be sure the page itself wasn’t the culprit, and as I suspected, the post eventually made its way into the first row again, bumping out one of the other posts. I’ve since put it back to the default descending sort, as the shortcode here shows. Any help would be greatly appreciated, if I can get past this small hump the plugin will solve all of my problems! Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author wlindley


    When displaying posts, AutoNav uses the WordPress function get_posts, which by default limits to five posts. Try using count=10 to increase the maximum limit.

    That did the trick! Thanks a ton!

    One other question, not a particularly big deal, but any idea why when there’s fewer than 5 items in one of my portfolio sections, such as: , they seem to place in cells 1 and 4 instead of filling out 1, 2, 3, etc?

    Plugin Author wlindley


    The table on that page gets one row containing two columns… how those columns get displayed are determined by your stylesheet. Right now, each gets 50% of the width, and the images are left-aligned, which is why you see a large empty space between them. You could force the column width to be a certain number of pixels or percentage; you could change the alignment values; or resolve that in any number of other ways in your css.

    Great! Thanks so much for your help!

    WLindley —- I think I have the same issue – only 5 post items are visible.

    Could you tell me which file to adjust the GET_POSTS in? Is it the autonav/autonav-wl.php file?

    And can you explain exactly where I need to add the COUNT=10 code in that file.

    (apologies for these basic questions — I’m a wordpress and .php noob)
    Thanks, Jeg

    I ended up changing my shortcode to:

    [autonav display=”posts” postid=”category:work” pics_only=0 count=25 paged=25]

    Fixed my problem, and should limit the grid to 25 posts before paging to a second, third and so on index of pages.

    Spartaneye – thanks, that worked perfectly.

    (and it felt a bit safer adjusting it there, rather than making changes inside the AutoNav.php files.)

    Thanks for the help!

    Plugin Author wlindley


    Thanks, spartaneye, I will update the FAQ in the next release with your example.

    Glad to contribute, thanks for the great plugin!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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