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  • wlpdrpat


    I have tested this on multiple installs and on a clean install of 3.3.1.

    Automatic Posting of YouTube videos is being captcha blocked by YouTube. I have several multisite installs and all of my clients have YouTube videos that they upload regularly, which until the last month have automatically posted to their blogs without issue. This past month I received several complaints that their videos were no longer automatically posting. As I use a dedicated windows server I was able to login via remote desktop and when I try to visit YouTube via a browser I get a captcha that says too much activity is coming from our network.

    I am confident that a workaround can be created and I have assigned one of my top coders to investigate this issue to search for a solution. However, until a solution can be identified it appears that Google/YouTube has shut down this plugin.

    If anyone knows of a workaround for this I would love to hear it.


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  • wlpdrpat


    After reviewing the code of Automatic YouTube posts I realized that it is not actually calling the url. It calls and then a couple parameters that are configured by the plugin. So, I tried accessing this url from my server and I had no problem accessing it.

    However, the fact remains that the plugin no longer works as expected to import videos. So, although my initial assertion (captcha block) is not the cause of the problem – there is still definitely a problem as the videos are not posting as expected.

    My coders are continuing to look for the cause of this issue and will post as soon as we find anything.




    Did you find a solution to this?

    I have the same problem – the plugin was working correctly then it just stopped importing videos.




    same here ^

    Having the same issue and I’m looking for a solution as well. I’m trying to combine it with Video Thumbnails which is modified to grab the YouTube video ID from this plug-in. I’m thinking maybe it can be modded to use that video ID to also embed the videos to the posts because it does so for thumbnails.

    Easier than trying to modify the entire plugin.

    This plugin used to work for me, but now it is not uploading videos (automatically or manually). I wonder what the problem is. Does anyone have ideas?

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Fellow users of the plugin, my apologies for not looking in on these posts sooner. I have been responding to direct emails as well as all the posts related to this plugin posted in my forum. It is hard to keep up with the requests in so many locations.

    This is a troubling issue. Would any of you care to let me make some tests on their server via WordPress administrative access and FTP? I’d be happy to try to resolve this issue for everyone.

    Please contact me at

    @mpraetzel – plugin leaves entries in the database after using ALL resets and removing the plugin. I had to manually remove values from post and meta tables. Was able to get my posts back, but now I have random videos disappear from posts.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    The plugin only removes posts that have a youtube video assigned. So this would explain why posts of yours whose videos disappear are not being deleted. Not sure about the disappearance though. Haven’t come across this issue yet. What channel is this issue occurring with?

    MrPharoahSalaam is the channel – I noticed that if I changed any of the post titles, the plugin would get the unaltered one thus creating duplicates. I can give you user access if you need

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Interesting. The plugin does not check the existence of a video post against the title but against the video ID. Are you changing the titles on YouTube or your blog?

    After several weeks of researching this issue we found what appeared to be a solution. The problem I initially reported doesn’t appear to be a problem with the plugin but rather a problem with writing to the database. I got a fix database plugin from the plugin repository and the issue ended.

    However, I then got a new problem, which actually may relate to what caused the original problem. We get duplicate posts of the same video, 95% of the time. We didn’t change the name of the video or of the video post. Just letting the plugin do it’s thing and we get duplicate posts (not always but 95% of the videos get a duplicate post).

    I will email Matthew the details of what we found and hopefully he can come up with a solution.

    Immediately after posting this response I realized that Matthew has posted several updates to the plugin since I initially reported this issue. I have now upgraded to the latest version and will report my finding in the in a couple weeks.

    Thank you Matthew for you continued support of this plugin. We all appreciate it.

    The import stopped since 09/27/2012 and from this day no more new import have been processed. I cannot see any error message nowhere. Anybody has some idea, why automatic YouTube uploads stopped? As I can see, I’m not the only one to which this plugin does not work. Where can I get older version? I would like to upload new videos.


    Always check the most obvious first: did you recently upgrade to the latest version? The latest version on upgrading removes the channels that were previously added for importing. So, ensure that your channels have been added using the new format.

    If the above is all good:

    Get a fix database plugin and should fix this for you. If the database table gets corrupted for some reason then the plugin can not write to the database which results in the appearance that it is not working.

    The latest version of the plugin resolves the majority of issues I found with older versions. I did get the same problem you have described after updating to the latest version, which was first caused by my not adding the channel in the new format (very frustrating for me as I upgraded on a network of 100+ sites and had to go through each site to add the new channel format). Then on a couple of our sites we go write to database errors. The fix database plugin resolved this.

    I did it all and nothing helped. Channels are there, database analysis has been done without any issues, nothing to repair.


    I spoke to quickly in my previous message. After further testing I can confirm that none of our sites have automatically imported videos since the beginning of October either. I also tested the import videos function and it is not working either. I believe this error was created as Google rolled out changes to the YouTube user profile.

    I have reported these issues to Matthew and he informs me that a new version should be available this week. Hopefully, the new version will help to resolve this issue.

    I can imagine that it is tough to keep this type of plugin functioning as expected while Google continues to modify how things work on YouTube.

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