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  • Hello,

    first, sry but my english is not the best.

    When i install the Plugin and press the import button, after configure them, the message “Total Videos Imported: 0” appear and does not change. After some Time i check in an new tab the post list and all videos are importet but the plugin still displays “Total Videos Imported: 0” and no other massages appear. The FF Pluigin FireBug shows that the plugin still fire AJAX requests after all videos are importet so the Import never ends.

    Any solutions? I need a message is the import is finished.



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  • I also get the same message: “Total Videos Imported: 0.” This plugin used to work for me, and now it is not. Sorry that I don’t have a solution. Does anybody else have ideas?

    Tomorrow i will Post the sulotion thats work For me. When i back at home

    in plugindir/js/admin.js


    status : function() {

    other js code


    replace with

    status : function () {
    			var t = this;
    				async : true,
    				type : 'GET',
    				url : ayvpp_root+'/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php',
    				dataType : 'text',
    				data : 'page=ayvpp-import-videos&action=ayvpp_status&_wpnonce='+$('#_wpnonce').val(),
    				success : function (m) {
    					var a=[],m = m.split('<->');
    					$.each(m,function () {
    						if(this.length > 0) {
    							a[a.length] = this;
    					if (m == 0) {
    						c = 0;
    					else {
    						c = a.length;
    						$('#ayvpp_total').html('Import gestartet! '+ a.length + ' Videos importiert.');
    						$('#ayvpp_list').attr('style', 'border:0;height:100px; width:300px; overflow:scroll; display:block');
    						$('#ayvpp_list').html(a.join('<br />'));
    				error : function () {
    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Most likely the plugin wasn’t able to create a necessary file for the AJAX import called:

    It attempts to create it in your /wp-content/cache/ folder. Is the file present for thoe of you with issues?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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