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  • the plugin has been working for a while.
    but since a few months, it’s just not working.

    i’ve tried to use the option to reset the plugin. i’ve triend installing/deleting the plugin.
    i’ve tried to deactivate other plugins.

    i’ve even changed my youtube profile.

    it just doesn’t do anything anymore.

    every time i click on “import videos” it says “imported videos: 0”.

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  • Plugin Author ternstyle


    Can you confirm that the videos you are attempting to import are in your YouTube channel’s feed?

    The feed URL would look like this:

    Yes, I can confirm the videos are in my youtube channel. I’ve only got one channel, which i’ve been using for a few years now. For a test i once made a second channel. After the test (mentioned in my first post) i deleted that profile.

    The feed URL is unknown to me. The plugin only allows me to enter my username. So i have no control over the feed URL.

    The plugin doesn’t work for a while, then all of the sudden it works again. Besides that it sometimes gives an error.
    When it works, it’s okay. But because it doesn’t work most of the times i really think this is a really crappy/shitty plugin.
    Did you make ik mpraetzel?

    p.s. sometimes it makes 3 or 4 posts for 1 video. Really annoying.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Yes I did make the plugin. No worries about the comment. I take no offense.

    As far as it working sometimes and not others I can explain that to you.

    YouTube is massive. So massive in fact that it cannot store all of its videos on a single server. It needs many servers. Servers upon servers. Also, there is constantly new data added to it fro all over the world as you can imagine. The computing power needed to run YouTube is extensive. So to account for this YouTube (Google) has a system in place for caching information.

    One way you’ll notice this is that your YouTube video thumbnails aren’t always added right when you upload your video. This is not because YouTube is broken. It is because it takes time for YouTube to sift through the millions of videos posted.

    So, why does the Automatic YouTube Video Posts plugin not always pull the videos in instantly? This is because your YouTube channel’s feed is not updated instantly. The XML feed of all your videos is where my plugin pulls data about your videos from to create them as posts on your site. Your channel’s feed does not exist on the same servers at YouTube that your videos do. YouTube has a schedule it servers are updated on. The server your feed is on might update everyday at 1pm. It might update every 3 days. My plugin cannot get videos that do not exist in your feed. My plugin checks your feed daily. If new videos are available it imports them.

    As far as the multiple posts bug goes, that one is frustrating. I know! The unfortunate thing is that I have never been able to replicate it on my servers. I have yet to find what causes it. The best idea I can come up with is that it is a conflict with a theme or another plugin.

    I’m suprised you’re not offended. To be honest i’m not very happy with your plugin, but it’s the only plugin that makes posts of new youtube video’s. If i stop using the plugin, i’ll have to do every post manually… and since i have a few people making and uploading video’s for me, manually adding every video would be a pain in the ass.

    I understand your explanation, but the thing is… I made a android app for my website which uses the RSS function to displays youtube video’s in the app. I also use that technique in an RSS feed in a sliding sidebar. The sidebar even shows the video’s itself (so people can just click play, without leaving the website).
    These 2 rss based options usually update within a few hours (at the most). But the plugin doesn’t import video’s with the same speed.
    So i can confirm that the RSS feed shows the videos, although the plugin doesn’t make a post about it.

    What i often do to make it work:
    first i use “import video’s”. which often says that an upload is in progress. I used to wait several hours, sometimes days to make it sure it has all the time it needs to finish its progress.
    But nowadays i just can’t be bothered anymore.
    Then i’ll go to “reset settings” and choose “reset import field”. After that i click “import videos” again. It will say that it didn’t upload anything (giving the number 0 for the amount of videos).
    But after an hour orso, 2, 3 or 4 posts show up in the chosen category.
    I set the plugin up to NOT automatically publish the posts, so it’s easier to delete all the wrong ones.
    Then i can finally publish to correct posts.

    But you might realise by now that adding them manually isn’t that much extra work anymore….

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    You may be getting a count of 0 when importing because a necessary file for using the AJAX imported “ayvpp.txt” is either not existent or not writable. This file should reside in your /wp-content/cache/ folder. Is it there?

    I’m curious as to what you said earlier:

    “The feed URL is unknown to me.”

    In your latest post you are claiming familiarity with the feed URL:

    “I made a android app for my website which uses the RSS function to displays youtube video’s in the app.”

    You would need to know the feed URL to create the app, right?

    You said:

    The feed URL would look like this:

    But i have no idea how the feed that the plugin uses looks like. I do know that there are multiple rss feeds that can be used. Youtube used to have a different one, and has changed it’s RSS feed a few times. Some still work sometimes. So i have no idea what rss feed your plugin uses.

    For my app i used:
    Which works well for me, but is different from yours.

    The TXT file is there indeed. It’s 644 and it’s empty.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    You may have moved the site at some point or changed folder permissions. At 644 PHP most likely cannot write to it. Try chaining it to 777 and see what happens.

    I’ll do some research on some of YouTube’s other feeds. There just may be a better one for my plugin to use; one that is updated more quickly.

    To be honest, i was told that my RSS solutions is not the one they recommend. But the other ones i tried caused a 404 error a few times. Sometimes the feed was just empty, as if no video’s existed.

    My rss feed might not be one people recommend, but it works very well for me. Saying that, it works well in the way i use it. I’m not sure it works just as well for the plugin.

    The TXT file is now 777. I’ll have to wait to see what happens.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Let me know how it goes. My email address is

    To be honest i believe it’s in the best interest of this forum (and possibly Google) to continu here. Somebody might find the information on this page usefull.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    I take no issue with that.

    I’ve been having the same sort of issues. The plugin works well for awhile, then it doesn’t. In regard to the Youtube fee, maybe you can illuminate why when I do to, at least right now, I can see the most recent vieo on my channel, but when I go to, the most recent video does not appear.

    What is it about the ?orderby=updated that explains this?

    I tried the form for the feed you offered:

    And that also oes not inclue the most recent video. All I do is NOT inclue the query string after uploads an my most ecent video appears.

    And this includes
    similar to what I see in /core/parse.php

    Well, I just saw that you published a big update. It’s 3.0 now.

    I haven’t tested it yet, but it appears you put quite some time into this.
    So thank you for maintaining and updating your plugin.
    Since you are not getting paid for it, you didn’t do it for the money.
    I appreciate it.

    I sincerely hope that it’s better now.

    @shaleshock, there is a big update. Try it. You might wanna try out this RSS feed when you’re still having trouble finding your latest video.

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