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  • Plugin Author Devtard


    I’ll add your suggestions to my to-do list. The problem is that I have a lots of other ideas on the list so it may take some time before I implement these features (I am also considering releasing a new, more versatile plugin under a different name). Thanks for understanding.

    This is a very promising plugin that I have already put to good use. Thanks and congratulations!

    As a feature request, I support what 3×7 said. It would be great if, instead of just tags, this plugin could assign any taxonomy based on words found in the post.

    This is my use case: I publish lots of international news and I want them to be searchable by country. Sometimes the country is written into the contents (i.e. ‘France’), but sometimes it is not (the content includes ‘French’, ‘Paris’, etc.). This plugin allows me to automate that tagging. But it would be even better if it could fill a location custom taxonomy.

    Thanks again!

    This is a great plugin concept. I would also *love* to see custom taxonomy support.

    Plugin Author Devtard


    Okay then. I am going to release two or three more versions of this plugin and after that I will start working on another plugin that will be able to handle other taxonomies, including custom ones.

    If you give this plugin 5 stars and share it with others, it will motivate me to work faster. 🙂

    David M.
    Great concept! I’m testing the similar thing on another project…

    How is it going on with category feature?

    I’m still fighting with combination of another plugin to set categories automatically and your plugin for tags .. :S

    Plugin Author Devtard


    Sorry I am not working on that feature yet, I have to implement all necessary functions first.

    I could give you a hint how to modify the script to make it work for categories if you are at least a bit familiar with PHP though.

    That would be great… I’m not a pro, but I know how to copy paste 🙂

    Plugin Author Devtard


    Well, this is not really about copy-pasting, it is a bit harder than that. 🙂

    In version 1.3 in the file automatic-post-tagger.php on line 714 begins a section where tags are being added to the post. So basically in order to add categories to a post you need to replace there the “post_tag” parameter with “category” – more information here:

    Then it would add categories that are defined on the “tag” list in the admin interface.

    If you’ll decide to use this modified version and also the original plugin, you will need to rename added option names and the custom database table. I recommend you doing that by replacing all ocurrences of the prefix “apt_” with whatever you want.

    It could be done more efficiently, though, but this is the easiest solution that I came up with. If you are not in a hurry, wait some time for my new plugin (but it may take months, depending on my laziness. :))

    what about rebuilding/cloning and renaming this plugin “categoriezer”?

    Plugin Author Devtard


    Yeah, I could do that, but then I would have to make same updates for 2 plugins and the other one would not have universal use anyway. So when I finish working on APT I will make another plugin where you will be able to make any rules for any taxonomies (without changing the code).

    In the meantime you’ll just have to use a copy of this plugin for adding categories, I think that changing one taxonomy name and all prefixes isn’t that hard, is it? 😉

    I’ll try it out these days…

    thanks allot!

    Another vote for categories.

    I specifically would like to support adding categories based on shortcodes too (so filter should run early). For example [embed] -> Videos category.

    To get the plugin to work with post types you need to find all instances of “post” and replace with “your-custom-post-type”.

    BEWARE – Don’t replace “POSTS” or anything similar – just “post”

    As Devtard has mentioned it is also relatively easy to modify this for categories.

    replace there the “post_tag” parameter with “category”

    However if you look at

    You will notice: “Hierarchical terms must always pass the id rather than the term name to avoid confusion where there may be another child with the same name.”

    This presents a problem as unlike tags categories need to be set with their ID’s

    Look for ## ADDING TAGS TO THE POST around line 891

    Add something like:

    `foreach ($apc_tags_to_add_array as $apc_cat) {
    $term = get_term_by(‘name’, $apc_tag, ‘category’);
    $apc_tag_ids[] = $term->term_id; }`

    This will find the category id’s and output them as an array again:
    Then around line 898 / 899 we have:

    wp_set_post_terms($post_id, $apc_tags_to_add_array, 'category', true); //append tags

    Replace with:

    wp_set_post_terms($post_id, $apc_tag_ids, 'category', true); //append tags

    Repeat this on the same function immediately below.

    Thanks for your help!

    I’m working on it right now, but there is another thing I’m trying to achieve:

    To make it look for keywords in specific custom field (not content,title,exceprt).

    I would be happy even if it goes thru all post custom field values and look for keywords…

    Any help?


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