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  • Resolved ivalegre


    Hi. Automatic post sheduler is a great idea.
    But I want to know more. Firstly, in which exactly way does it work?

    For example, my last entries are 60 minutes ago, and the last 24 minutes.
    In configuration, I have minimum 15 minutes, and maximum 1 hour.
    When it will be published?

    What does it mean the minimum and maximum values?

    All these things could be explained somewhere.

    Thank you. I really want a Tumblr-like queue for wordpress.

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  • Plugin Author tetele


    Hey ivalegre!

    Thanks for posting! I’ll do my best and explain these things in either the help menu, the plugin FAQ, the plugin description, or all of them combined.

    To answer here as well, the plugin randomly picks a new interval between min & max and schedules the new post to be published at that random moment in time (based on the latest published/scheduled post time). If you want all your posts 2h apart, for example, just set min=max=2h.

    Thank you for answering. It solved almost all my questions.

    I don’t know if I’m retarded, but it doesn’t work for me. The first time i didn’t care about, but now, I’ve given a second chance to the plugin but it didn’t work for me.

    My blog is:

    My settings are Min=15 min, max=1 hour. And now, I’ve posted three post at 21:22, 21:24 and at 21:31. And every one has been published without delay or re-scheduling.

    I use xml-rpc, if this helps.

    Thank you tetele.

    I’ve discovered what was wrong. You need to have a programed post. Without that it doesn’t work

    Another thing is that with this plugin you cannot edit a post conserving publishing date. It publishes like a new post. And you can’t program a post to the past. I think that the only way to do it is disable the plugin.

    And the last. I takes care of the most future post. For example, If I want to program a post to July, every post after that will go to July (or after).

    But finally works. Thank you, that’s what I’ve been searching.

    Plugin Author tetele


    That’s weird, it should be enough to publish a post sooner than the minimum 15 minutes in your case and the scheduler should kick in automatically. I’ll look into it, thanks for the heads up.

    Regarding editing, you’re right, that’s a pretty big bug I’m going to have to solve until the next version.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    First of all, I don’t know anything about wordpress plugins, so this could be impossible to do it, but I’ve looked the plugin code.

    It could be possible to automatic schedule post in this way?
    Taking care of the last queued post, instead of the furthest post. So you shouldn’t mind if you put a post to be published in two months. Because the next posts you publish, will be published according to the last queued post, not the furthest.

    Possibly this is insane, because you can’t mark a post as queued, but I don’t know, just in case. Ask is free. 😉

    This apart from the “not future posts” and the “editing a post” cases.

    Thank you so much. I hope this doesn’t disturb you.

    Plugin Author tetele


    But what happens when you first schedule a post? Obviously, there will be no previously queued posts, right? At least not automatically…

    Or maybe I don’t fully understand your question.

    Nono, this is only a suggestion.

    If there are no queued posts you take care of the last published post. In this way it will overlook manually scheduled posts.

    For example This a possible original case:
    Max and Min = 1 hour.
    Last published post: 30 minutes ago.
    Two post scheduled: One month later and three moths later.

    If I post something. I will be published in 30 minutes, and If I post another thing, in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Plugin Author tetele


    I understand, but as you pointed out at first, this is not possible. What the plugin does is schedule posts.

    What’s the difference between manually scheduled and automatically scheduled posts? None. Therefore it’s impossible to choose when to ignore the manually scheduled posts.

    But if you come up with an idea to solve this, one that could be used by many people, not just you, I’d be happy to implement it.

    Plugin Author tetele


    I’ve fixed the settings issue in 0.9.1. Now settings are properly saved the first time.

    Thank you so much!!! Now this plugin is perfect.

    Thank you!

    I’m sorry to say this, but it doesn’t work for me. I use a Desktop program to post every content of my blog.In the new version, it doesn’t schedule posts with XML-RPC. You have to publish the post via Admin Panel (This didn’t happen with 0.9)

    Thank you for the improvements but I really need XML-RPC. Even with the previous “bugs”.

    Plugin Author tetele


    Hmm, that will be an admin option in the future version of the plugin.

    Now you have to explicitly opt-in for scheduling, either from the interface or from code. I haven’t thought about the XML-RPC case.


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