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    This is an excellent plugin, it’s saving me heaps of time, so thank you.

    I just wanted to share my adaptation of this plugin in case anyone else wants to use this with a theme that uses a custom field for the Thumbnail instead of the featured image (such as Elegant Themes).

    Edit automatic-featured-image-posts/automatic-featured-image-posts.php and replace /* Assign the featured image */ and everything there after with the code below, which will:

    – Disable setting a featured image.
    – Automatically attach the image to the new post.
    – Automatically add the attached image’s url to a custom field called Thumbnail

    What I would really like to do next is get the plugin to automatically populate the eshop fields to make the post a product in the eshop store. Initially this seemed like it would be a simple case of adding a post_meta record, but it has transpired to be a bit more involved. If anyone cracks it then please let me know.

    I hope this is useful to some of the other photographers out there using WordPress.


    /*  Assign the featured image */
    	/*  update_post_meta( $new_post_id, '_thumbnail_id', $post_id ); */ 
    	// Update attached image
    	  $my_post = array();
     	  $my_post['ID'] = $post_id;
        	  $my_post['post_type'] = 'attachment';
      	  $my_post['post_mime_type'] = 'image/jpeg';
     	  $my_post['post_parent'] = $new_post_id;
    	// Update the post into the database
     	   wp_update_post( $my_post );
    	/*  Populate the custom Thumbnail field */
    	update_post_meta( $new_post_id, 'Thumbnail', wp_get_attachment_url( $post_id ) ); 
    	/*  Populate the eshop product field defaults */
    	//This is a planned future development.

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  • Plugin Author Jeremy Felt


    Hey Tim,

    Glad you’re enjoying the plugin.

    I’ve taken care of the attached image section of the clip you shared in the latest update (0.5). Attachments will now be ‘attached’ correctly to the new post that was created.

    I’ll explore adding an action/filter in the next release so that updating extra post meta during this plugin’s operation can be something added to your theme’s functions.php file.


    did u manage to get image link to custom field?



    Forum Moderator

    I would just like to point out that we (eShop’s developers) do not recommend using eShop with any theme from Elegant Themes and we cannot support the eShop plugin when used with them.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Felt



    Can you expand your question a bit? I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for.

    There are a several filters available for use with Automatic Featured Image Posts that you may want to check out –


    I want to “create/add” custom field with image url.

    I found this code so I would need some help about where to put it…
    add_post_meta( $post_ID, 'ProductUrl', $target_url);

    I’ll check the source you provided…



    Please let me know if this plugin it’s available for upload the featured image into the old post?!

    I have one website with 900 post and it’s almost imposible for me to set one featured image for each post. So, please let me know if with this plugin i can make this thinks?

    I have one theme from Elegant Theme.

    Many regards

    This plugin will create posts of images uploaded…

    If you need “ONE” specific image for all posts, then try this:

    You can also set default post thumbnail by category, so try this

    or Each post has it’s own image and u want this image to be set as thumbnail? for this try



    I will try the last one, because i need to have thumbnail for each post. and i belive that i can upload another images for the post.

    i will let you know. Now the plugin are generating post thumbnails.

    Many regards

    dosen’t work any plugin..:((

    I use one theme from Elegant Theme.. but still dosen’t work…

    Plugin Author Jeremy Felt


    Hey d_alinus2004,

    Automatic Featured Image Posts is specifically for new images and posts, so it will not be able to handle the featured images for your old posts. Good luck!

    Strange, auto-post-thumbnail should work if you have attached images in your content section… it picks up the first image found in the post content. Or you need something to get images online and add them to your post?

    Do you see thumbnails in the “featured image” widget when you edit the post?… If so, then the image is set, but theme is not displaying featured image.

    You can try changing the theme for a minute to see if other theme is showing thumbnails. You can also try changing it while generating thumbs, then get it back and see what happened, might help…

    Or before everything try something similar there are few more plugins doing the same job:

    but not sure those will help if auto-post-thumbnail didn’t…



    I don’t have any image in the content of the post. I want to find one plugin that can help me to ad automatic the featured images in all the post. Because i have 900 post, and it’s almost imposible for me to add one image in each post.

    Many renards and thank’you for help me.

    Do you have images on server and you would like to attach them to posts? (this is possible to do randomly, or filenames would have to be same as post slug or id in order to attach them to specific posts).

    I case you would just like to get thumbnail from “google” based on the post name, then this might help:

    It is HOWTO for “attach first image found on google as featured, based on post name”

    I’m not really sure but there might be a plugin for this, but can’t remember how it’s called.

    Hope it helps, if not, I suggest you to check WP forums.


    Yes i have some image into my webserver, and i want to add in random the images in each post.

    Any ideea?

    Many regards

    I just found the one that gets images from google

    Anyway here is a plugin which can attach images with specific fileNAME.

    You will have to bulk rename your files as required by plugin put “EW-” in front of every file, then upload to server and it should work…


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