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    There is one entry per user and it’s used to ensure that the user can update their email address if necessary (there’s info on this in the “Special Notes” section of readme.txt). However, this case is fairly rare. You can likely delete this data with no adverse effects. But back it up and save the .sql file somewhere to be safe. But, there’s no danger or problem in storing this data in the DB.

    Thus a mailing list of 1000 will add 1000 entries?! Wow.

    Are they all removed upon uninstall of plugin?

    Plugin Author WandererLLC


    That is basically correct. And 10,000 users would mean 10,000 entries. 🙂

    However, this entry only gets added if a user views their profile (in anticipation of them updating something). So, it’s likely less than that, but still…

    They are currently not removed when the plugin is uninstalled, but this is an easy option to add to the plugin. Will look into that for the next version.

    Yup it would be a pain to have to remove 10,000 entries manually. Lol

    Only have 150 subscribers and have neally 100 of these entires! Also when the plugin is enabled and the user clicks register to signup as a blog user it takes 4 times as long as much as 10 seconds to load the confirmation page!

    I hope when we have 1000 users it won’t take even longer.

    Something does not seem efficient about the current setup.

    Plugin Author WandererLLC


    Piece of cake to remove 10k entries. One query is all you need. 🙂

    DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE ‘wp88_mc_tempemail%’;

    Hmm, haven’t seen times that slow before. But, thanks for the heads-up. Additional users should have zero effect on the time though.

    Thanks for query. I probably missed that query in documentation/faq or a note letting admins know what does NOT happen when you click remove. 🙂

    In my view when you hit “remove” on a plugin it should do just that. Unless of course it is noted in the plugin’s documentation.

    WebSharks, Inc. plugins for example have an option to safeguard settings upon deactivation. But even so, once you hit the remove button everything is removed.

    Maybe I have the wrong understanding of install and of the reverse uninstall.

    Plugin Author WandererLLC


    This is not in the documentation. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll see that it gets added. 😀

    Up to 380 entries now.

    Would un-checking “When a user updates his information (Syncs the user with your mailing list)” reduce or stop this incrementing of entries?


    Plugin Author WandererLLC


    Yes, that would stop the incrementing of those entries. If you’re running either of the “Register Plus” plugins, you’ll get these entries regardless.

    Still, I should remind you that you really shouldn’t worry much about this. These entries take up very little space and won’t affect the performance of your site at all.

    Still manually removing entries every 7 – 10 days. Any update on this?

    bump. Was this addressed in recent version update?

    Plugin Author WandererLLC


    Nope. Version 1.12 was meant to address a high-priority bug.

    Not surprised. It figures. I guess it would take hours to make such a change lol.

    Anyway, its only a matter of time till a humble developer releases a more finished solution that mirrors feedback.

    Till then many thanks to you your Highness.

    Plugin Author WandererLLC


    FYI, I looked at this again. You must be getting this because you’re running Register Plus (Redux). I can change one function call and will remove the field instead of just emptying out the string. I’ll mess around with it for a bit and, if performance is roughly the same, will go with that.

    no worries man. Not holding my breath. Gave up on it 4 months ago.


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