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  • This used to be a fantastic plugin. Now like mentioned before, any links that this plugin generates from Twitter back to your Web site generate a modal advertisement ON YOUR SITE! That’s complete BS. Makes it look as though you are generating the ad. Thanks to this I now have extremely upset Web clients who thought I was spamming their site. They have also lost followers in DROVES thanks to this. In this state, it should be removed from the WordPress plugin repository as a SPAM exploit. This plugin SHOULD NOT generate popovers unless you sign up for the cash which I most definitely HAVE NOT. STAY AWAY from AUTOTWITTER!

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  • The advertising popups from cash HAVE NOT been removed as the author claimed in a previous post. This needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY as I DID NOT OPT IN to have all 34 of my websites display advertisements I did not approve! Some of the ads are such as “Send a Naughty Christmas Card.” REALLY? This is RIDICULOUS. I’ll be reporting this to

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The plugin is removed while I check it out.

    Edit: removed permanently.

    I advise you deactivate and delete this plugin.

    Plugin Author unreal



    We had some issues with our revenue share program. If you look at the plugin setting we offer a program called cash which allows the addition of pre-roll ads before the page loads. The program is by opt-in only but due to a technical issue on our end the ads rolled out to all the users. We’ve corrected the issue and are going to release an update to the plugin so this kind of thing wont happen anymore.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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