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  • btw i have been looking into anchor-utils.php and see, that the same filter is passed to the_content, the_excerpt, widget_text, comment_text

    but the bug appears only with the_content.

    So it maybe a conflict with your filter and some of my filters/plugins, but it still does not make sense why using this filter in other shortcode somewhere else on the page will result in destroying other plugin somewhere else filtering other content

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    Hi thomask,

    Thank you for the bug report.

    anchor-utils::filter() function does not seem to be called properly when [test] shortcode is defined.
    I debugged it and changed $priority in add_filter('the_content', ..., 100) function.
    The plugin works if $priority is less than or equal to 11, and it does not work if $priority is greater than or equal to 12.

    This is strange bug as you say.
    I guess there is a problem in add_filter() or apply_filters() function.
    i.e. I think this is a bug in not the plugin but WordPress.

    P.S.: small offtopic question – your plugin can open external pages in thickbox iframe. Is there any way how i could open actual iframe in thickbox – e.g. oembed youtube videos like that on the first link above?

    See Usage.

    Here is sample codes to open Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. You need to use embedded URL.

    <a href="">YouTube</a>

    Yes, changing priority to 11 did work. Strange. I guess that there is some filter, which is turned on content with shortcodes.

    about the iframe question – this i know, i just wondered, if there is way, how i could open iframe in thickbox, when clicking the iframe. But it was a silly question. Proper sollution would be to add e.g. image from youtube with thickbox a href to youtube. I will look into youtube oembed, this could be quite easily done.

    The bigger problem are other external pages – thickbox got problem opening external URLs in Chrome, as chrome do not allow it, because of its default Access-Control-Allow-Origin. It is shame and make the function almost entirely useless, i wonder, that it would be much better to standard DOM create iframe with src=path in lightbox window, then trying to load the content using javascript, what may be insecure, so chrome block it. But this is standard jQuery thickbox behaviour, so i guess you cannot do anything with that.

    ups, it works (i do not know why it does not before, probably the same problem), forgot my last sentence – you add TB_iframe to the URL and it works, i didn’t know about this param (it is not described on thickbox page). briliant 😉

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    I made a typo. Correct code written in Usage is as follows.

    <a href="" class="thickbox">YouTube</a>

    The plugin adds TB_iframe parameter to URL automatically when external links has thickbox class. And the plugin adds thickbox class to links automatically when its URL has TB_iframe parameter.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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