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    After upgrading to WordPress 3.4 I noticed that most of my Featured Image thumbnails were missing. It seems that thumbnails I had set manually were still displayed, but ones that were generated by this plugin wouldn’t show up anymore.

    The missing thumbnails are gone from the front end and are no longer set as Featured Image on the Edit Post screen. They are still listed in the gallery but the their preview images are blank.

    When creating new posts, this plugin doesn’t generate thumbnails automatically anymore.

    I looked around in the MYSQL database and noticed that thumbnails generated by this plugin don’t have a _wp_attached_file entry in the _postmeta table. Manually set thumbnails, which still work, have _wp_attached_file set to their specific image URL. Maybe this has something to do with it?

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  • Same happened to mine thought the plugins had problems so installed another one same as for the other..

    Whats the solution for this ???


    Same here…

    damn.. same problem. We need someone who could fix the database gently 🙂 and update the plugin, too..

    If it’s any help tracking this down, I found that on the theme I was using, *some* of the thumbnails weren’t working, and some were. If I switched to the standard WordPress Twenty Eleven theme, *all* the post thumbnails appeared okay. So I think it may be a theme problem rather than a Auto Post Thumbnail problem, in my case. I’m still investigating…

    But does “Twenty Eleven” show thumbnail or just the original image from the post? Seems that just an image.. Plus, we already know a possible solution..

    Good question, Dan. I’ve run out of lunch hour, so I’ll have to check later. I’ve narrowed it down to get_the_post_thumbnail() returning empty for some of the posts when it’s called from my theme, but not for others; I’ll investigate further this evening, assuming nobody else has found the problem by then…

    EDIT: Okay, looks like it’s the actual creation of the images in the media library that is the problem. If I clear and regenerate the thumbnails manually, I end up with broken images in the media library, i.e. there are entries for the thumbnails, but the images themselves appear blank.

    i have too this probleme and i need the file .zip to upgrade manualment this plugin
    thnks alot

    Arrgghhh… Just upgraded to WP 3.4 and have exactly the same problem. I hope someone will be able to help us soon.

    Where the post thumbnail should be, it’s showing the path location of the thumbnail. And the path is correct. So why isn’t it showing?

    Hic, same.

    Hot fix pls 🙁

    Same problem here … it seems that it’s not just limited to Auto Post Thumbnail. I am using Auto Featured Image and also tried Video Thumbnails which don’t work either.

    Yup, I think rowsdowr is definitely on the right track, the problem *does* seem to be that _wp_attached_file is missing from the metadata. Having problems tracking down why it’s not there, though. The code in the plugin to create the attachment and its metadata all looks good to me.

    well yep, but ‘_wp_attached_file’ contains url to one specific image (with one size), while ‘_thumbnail_id’ stores ID of the thumbnail, so any of the sizes (small, medium, large, …) can be easily picked via our php query, i guess.

    Also tried different plugins, but seems like WP used that ‘_thumbnail_id’ for ages, and now something went wrong :/

    that’s the link that shows what changes in 3.4 were made. We also see that WP still uses “_thumbnail_id”. will try to delete changes and see what happens.

    Okay, I fixed mine like this. In auto-post-thumbnail.php, there’s a line in apt_generate_post_thumb:

    $thumb_id = wp_insert_attachment($attachment, $file, $post_id);

    I think this is causing the problem because $file doesn’t seem to be set at this point (or anywhere, in fact.) It’s wp_insert_attachment that sets up the _wp_attached_file. Changing this to:

    $thumb_id = wp_insert_attachment($attachment, $new_file, $post_id);

    …seems to fix it, though I needed to delete the broken images in the Media Library and then regenerate the thumbnails from the plugin admin page.

    I haven’t had time to test that this is still generating the right sizes, etc. — it just looks like the _wp_attached_file has to be there for the attachment to be recognised as an image at all, which is what’s causing the fundamental problem.

    Anyone else have time to test this?

    I found a solution without touching core files, adding:

    update_attached_file( $thumb_id, $new_file );

    on line 258 of auto-post-thumbnail.php

    it should look like this:

    before modification:

    wp_update_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, wp_generate_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, $new_file ) );
    return $thumb_id;

    after modification:

    wp_update_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, wp_generate_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, $new_file ) );
    update_attached_file( $thumb_id, $new_file );
    return $thumb_id;

    anyway this will work for new posts only, if you want to update old posts you should delete the old attachments in media page, those that have a missing blank image icon and then reprocess old posts using the plugin options.

    Good luck!

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