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  • You don’t need a cron for that. A thumbnail will be automatically created for new posts when you publish them.

    @adityamooley that is not true in every case, I have to manually generate images most of the time using this plugin especially if yo are running auto blogs with some third party plugins. I was looking for how to make a cron myself to stop having to do this manually 4 times a day. It works automatically on some of my blogs but not one particular one regardless of what plugins i shut down it just wont run.

    That’s strange. Because, the plugin has nothing to do with how the post is created. Technically speaking, the wordpress hooks that I am utilizing must be getting fired when a post publishes.

    Will it be possible to you debug a bit and find out whether the control is going to my plugin?

    Also, which third party tool are you using to submit the posts? I may be able to test with it.



    Reading this topic reminds me I have an own script that inserts posts.
    If I use the wordpress’s native functions to insert it (wp_insert_post($postdata)) , this plugin should also run with it with hooks or semthing?

    Thumbnails are created when i publish a post manually. But with autoblog tools it doesnt run.

    @obus3000 – Can’t say much about your custom script. If you are directly adding the records in database then my plugin won’t work. But yes, if you use wp_insert_post the hooks should get executed correctly.

    @cozmic_ – Which autoblog tool are you using?

    Now plugin doesnt work both with auto post and manually. At the first trying it runned with manually publish but not more. I deactivated all the other plugins to prevent conflict and tryied more: delete,reupload,reactivate both WordPress and Auto Post Thumbnail but the result is same. it doesnt work for me.
    Then i tried it on my local PC, amazingly it is runing with both autopost and manual publish on local.
    After this i decided to try it with a different blog. it worked for a few manual publish but no autopost. After doesnt work even with manually. I dont know what i am missing of this nice plugin.

    i have been tried to setting a thumbnail using wordpress “setting a thumbnail” section. And then i have removed it. After click update for the post the plugin has succesfully generated n thumbnail for this post using firt image in post. What does it mean? is there a ghost thumbnail before being set for the post?

    The plugin runs sometimes and doesnt run most times. Although i see a _thumbnail_id in database for a post, there is no thumbnail. When i try to send a post with an attached image, this plugin only create _thumbnail_id in database for sent post.

    works, great plugin!

    I used this plug-in, love it

    I have this plugin running while utilizing WPMU. I import users blogs from my network to the main site via RSS. They upload images via the media uploaded, and when I import, I hoped this would generate the thumbnail, but it isn’t. I’ve gotten it to work once.

    I am using the plugin FeedWordPress Syndication to import the RSS feeds

    It is not working in my webpage any one can help
    it display me
    and does not adjust any pics in my thumbnails….
    Any One Can Help Me……

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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