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  • I haven’t had time to thoroughly debug this, but I think I’ve found a few problems. Maybe someone has a quick solution?

    For the items below, all the images were links to an external site (actually a photo gallery running on the same domain as my blog).

    1.) When the image filename has a space in it (actually a %20 code) the generated thumbnail was blank…but apparently width and height are still getting set because the_post_thumbnail() generates html code as if an image were really present. A big blank space is all I see.

    2.) The URL’s I get directly from my gallery have a parameter following the image name. (I.e. path/to/file/image.jpg?parameter=value). For all URLs with this format, no thumbnail is generated. I’m guessing it’s erroring out somewhere and so nothing is put in the wordpress database. Of course, now that I know about this, I can try to make sure all future posts have a proper format, but for automatically processing all existing posts, this is error causes issues.

    With a little effort I might be able to fix this on my own, but has anyone else run into these problems and have a solution for it?


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  • I’ve run into this same problem. Most thumbs are created nicely while others choke. An example is:

    <img src=""...

    The above is a cryptic Yahoo image that throws an error if accessed directly (but works within an HTML page).

    I have no control over the formatting of the image/image names so I have few options at this point.

    missp, I gave up on this one and moved on to a plugin called “Thumbnail for Excerpts” It does exactly what I wanted and links directly to the image. This is great for me because it prevents my media gallery from getting clogged with thumbnails. You might try it out and see if it would be something you could use.

    Thanks for the tip! I just might try that one.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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