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  • I’m using 2.7.1.


    I will check this out on monday and get back to you


    Many thanks. Your plugin seems the perfect solution for my problem with having 45 authors (and growing). An array of avatars would be much more compact in the sidebar than a long list of names.

    By the way, when I activate the plugin my sidebar doesn’t even show up on the widget page. When I deactivate the plugin my sidebar reappears on the widget page.



    Oh, sorry about that error… the “self” keyword which I use in that class is not available in PHP version 4 (which I missed because we only tested on PHP 5).

    I’ve fixed this in the trunk… could you download it and test it on your system for me, please?

    You can download the whole dev version from here: (you might have to wait a little while because the zip only gets updated every few hours I think); or you can just replace your version of /author-avatars/lib/FormHelper.class.php with the new trunk version here.

    I am not sure about the second thing about your whole sidebar dissappearing… can you please check if the fix above solves this problem? otherwise I’m going to need a few more details… 😉

    On a sidenote: PHP4 is not officially supported anymore since January 2008 so I strongly recommend thinking about upgrading your system to PHP5… Most webhosts I know have already done the upgrade or provide easy ways of switching across… 😉



    Thanks. Testing it now…

    And it works perfectly. Thanks, Benedikt!

    The issue with the sidebar not showing on the widgets page was that instead of seeing “You are using 1 widget in the ‘Main Sidebar’ sidebar” I was getting nothing at all. But that’s sorted now.

    I’ll look into the PHP 5 issue. I thought I was using PHP 5, but I was getting confused with MySQL 5!

    I couldn’t see anything in the documentation that said how to upload an avatar for authors. Two authors are showing gravatars — is that the only way to do it? Getting 45 authors to sign up for gravatars would be a headache, so I’m hoping there’s another solution.

    We don’t support the adding of avatars we just call the wordpress avatar code which in turn calls out to web (gravatars etc. see the full list in the admin pannel > settings > discussion ) so all your authors will need to upload an image to one of the services.

    Maybe some links to the services will help ;-}




    Haecceity, thanks for testing. I’m going to release that fix as a bugfix version later today or tomorrow…

    As Paul said we don’t support adding custom pictures to the blog but I think there are some other plugins around that allow you to do this. As long as they use the “get_avatar” function they should work fine with our plugin.

    According to its documentation the User Photo plugin is one of them.. apparently it provides an option to “Override Avatar with User Photo”… I haven’t tested it but it sounds like it should work 🙂

    Thanks – you’re so helpful. I actually had the “Add Local Avatar” plugin open in my browser and was going to ask whether it was compatible with yours. I’ll give it, or the User Photo plugin, a try.



    My pleasure.. let me know how it works out.

    It worked out very well, thanks. You can see the results at

    I plan to put the text list in some kind of hidden div so it will slide out if necessary.

    I noticed a couple of wee things. One was that I had trouble with the styling and when I looked at the output I saw

    img src='/images/avatars/akuppa.jpg' class='avatar avatar-30 avatar-default' height='30' width='30'

    (single quotes rather than double).

    Oh, just realized that h2 is set by functions.php!

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 88 total)
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