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[Plugin: Author avatars] Please add feedback here

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  • bryan868


    Great plugin, thanks! I put in userid “1” so it won’t show the admin, but it shows it anyway. Is this a bug?



    Try putting “admin” in that field… At the moment it only compares the values with the user “login names” because we thought that that would be nicer to use for the enduser… I think we’re going to change that to accept user ids as well so that you can put either.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂



    As of version 0.2 it’s possible to put both “user login” and “user ID” into the field for hidden users. So both “1” and “admin” should hide the admin user now…

    Using 2.7-final, this plugin breaks my “tag” field and the image uploader on the “Write” page in the admin.

    Just FYI.



    Thanks for reporting! I’ve just released a new version which should fix that bug… 🙂

    Hi guys-

    Great plugin. I am glad I found it.

    The list of authors are currently centered on the sidebar…I am trying to align the picture to the left and have the text just to the right of the picture. The complete list would be aligned left, consistent with the rest of the widgets on my blog. Is this possible?


    It’s the last widget on the page. Thanks!

    Hi Joe

    We have made it so you can overload the default widget styles in your theme CSS

    Try adding this CSS code to the style.css inorder to left align etc. (not test but should point you in the right direction)

    li.multiwidget_author_avatars .author-list .user {
    li.multiwidget_author_avatars .author-list .user span.name {

    It looks like you will be able to increase the image size as well



    This may seem like a funny question: But where does one upload their author photo? I want my blog to have something similar to Joe’s. However, I want the authors side-by-side in a row of 2.

    I get it! They have to first create a gravatar. Okay second question. I want to display the authors side-by-side. Is that possible?



    Are you using the widget or the shortcode?

    Either way the avatars are actually “floated left” by default which means that they should automatically appear next to each other as long as there’s enough space… So if you’re using the widget in a sidebar you might have to reduce the size of the avatar so that they fit into the sidebar..!?



    Corection to myself: they’re not “floated left” but actually “inline blocks”… which in this case essentially has the same effect 😉


    I activated the plugin, but on my widgets page I’m getting the following error message:

    Fatal error: Undefined class name ‘self’ in /htdocs/www/wp-content/plugins/author-avatars/lib/FormHelper.class.php on line 197

    Any idea what’s going on?

    I we haven’t seen this before

    which version of WP are you using?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 88 total)
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