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    The widget/plugin suddenly displays “No Users Found” in the sidebar, and all the avatars are missing. It still works at the various subdomain sites (blogs). It only stopped working at the main level. I’ve reinstalled the plugin, reinstated the users, etc. Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author Ben


    Are you using WordPress 3.0? I think the plugin might be incompatible with older versions and WPMU now, as I had to implement a number of changes to make things work with the multisite feature in version 3.0…

    Have you checked that the there are users with permissions on the root blog? are the widget settings correct (i.e. check “roles” and “blogs” fields). Is the plugin activated sitewide? Have you checked the sitewide settings control panel (/wp-admin/ms-admin.php?page=wpmu_author_avatars) for correct settings?

    It’s working on my test install so I’m not really sure what’s going wrong here… 😉

    Thank you for responding. This is the key plugin for my site so I really appreciate your response. My site is an MU site that was upgraded to 3.0. I checked all the things you mention. I spoke (via forum) to Ron Rennick, one of the core developers at WP, and he said: “I looked at the changelog of the last 3 months for the plugin and it looks to me like it was coded to work with WP 3.0 -> WP network. The only place where an upgraded MU install and a 3.0 Network are handled differently is the main blog/site.” It appears that is the cause. Do you have fix so that it will work at the main level of an upgraded MU site? If not, maybe the older version of your plugin will work on my site – do have a copy of the previous version?

    BTW, the sitewide settings control panel (/wp-admin/ms-admin.php?page=wpmu_author_avatars) does not to be rendering correctly. Nothing works on the panel and it appears incomplete.

    I received this further input from Mr. Rennick:

    “The difference between an upgraded MU and a 3.0 network is that for the main blog the blog table prefix in the upgraded MU is wp_1_ and in a 3.0 network it is wp_.

    In the usermeta table the user capability key is {blog table prefix}capabilities so in MU it’s wp_1_capabilities and wp_capabilities in a new network (for the main blog).

    What the author needs to do is use $wpdb->get_blog_prefix(blog_id) if it’s 3.0 to get the correct prefix instead of using $wpdb->prefix or $wpdb->base_prefix.

    The get_blog_prefix() function was added to MU in anticipation of the merge.”

    Plugin Author Ben


    Thank you for your indepth research, this is really helpful! Following Mr Rennick’s advice I have switched to using get_blog_prefix() in the respective place [260415], [260416].

    Could you download the development version and check if the problem is fixed now? Thanks.

    Thank you for your responsiveness. I installed the dvlpr version and now it is doing the opposite, i.e., displaying author avatarss only at the main level. I sent a message to Mr. Rennick explaining the issue and he responded: “He misunderstood. He wrote it like get_blog_prefix($x) would return either wp_capabilities or wp_X_capabilities (where X is blog id). get_blog_prefix($x) returns wp_ or wp_X_ (where X is blog id).

    Edited: that applies to the first changeset. He fixed that in the second one.

    One thing I noticed is before he made the changes that function was returning ‘wp_1_capabilities’ & now it’s returning wp_1_capabilities (no quotes).”

    Also, the option menu at Super Admin>Author Avatars List appears incomplete in my installation. It lists only the main blog and lacks functionality. Thank you again for your assistance.

    Plugin Author Ben


    Ah, I am sorry; should have tested it myself first… I have made the necessary changes [260459], please try the development version again if you don’t mind 🙂

    The super admin option menu only lists blogs on which the plugin is enabled; do you have it enabled on other blogs? What do you mean by “it lacks functionality”?

    Thank you again for your diligence. I love your plugin and it is the key feature of my website. I down/uploaded the new dev version of your plugin and it seems to be working. I now get the avatars in my side bar on both the main and sub blog levels. Thank you!

    With respect to AAL admin menu, By saying it “lacked funtionality” I meant that there seems to nothing on the menu that I can effect, alter, modify, or set in motion. Additionally, it only lists one blog regardless of how many blogs it is enabled on. The format leads me to believe that a button or field is not displaying on my WP install. Below is a link to a screenshot (hopefully it worked)of the AAL admin menu on my Super Admin.


    Thank you again for great work and promptness. You rescued my site at a critical time.

    Plugin Author Ben


    I am glad it is working now! Thanks for your help in fixing this bug; I will release an updated version soon.

    Ah, the thanks belong to you. BTW, did the screenshot of my menu look right to you or is it missing something? It seems like I should be able to select blogs to filter but I am unable to do anything with it. Its not a real big deal since widget menu takes care of my most important needs but it would nice be able to use the admin menu too.

    Plugin Author Ben


    It looks more or less right to me; on my test install it looks the same apart from that I have a few more blogs listed; are your blogs “private” or “public”? I think the menu only lists public ones (i.e. blogs which are open for search engines etc.); I might have to change that…

    You only need that menu if you have a blog (other than the root blog) on which you’d like to display users from all blogs, e.g. all administrators of all blogs. By default, only the root blog (-> superadmin) is allowed to do something like that, and other blogs can only display users which are assigned to the blog.

    Ahhh, that’s it. I have my site hidden from search engines during the development phase. Thank you for clarifying. And again, I really appreciate your diligence on this.

    I’m having this issue as well here: on this site – images are fine on sub-blogs, but the main blog, they are broken.

    I change the .htaccess file to user ms-files.php instead of blogs.php

    any thoughts?

    OK, I switched it back to blogs.php in the .htaccess and moved the file back to the server and it’s now working. Why did the upgrade tell me to change it?

    Plugin Author Paul Bearne


    It should work with ms-files.php in use and you do need to make that swap the blogs.php and ms-files.php have similar code but blogs.php its going to be support going forward

    You are using local avatars I wonder if it is this that is not working and the new ms-file.php file doesn’t handle the way the avatar are stored

    I am see avatar in the root of the test site which like you was upgraded from MU

    Not sure how to help here

    What you is the image on if set it back to ms-files does it change in the plug-in?

    if not then it is the way that the file is fetched not this plug-in that where the problem lies

    have you check with the local avatar plug-in that you are using to see if is has a problem?


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