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    Hello there,
    I was wondering if you plan on allowing the grouping of author avatars by groups instead of blogs or as an additional choice.

    The site I’m working on won’t have a lot of blogs, just ones necessary for our internal interests. The site is more built around the buddypress part of groups, members etc. I need to list personnel based on the group they belong to.
    Is this possible? Maybe a seperate plugin for “Group Member Avatars”.

    Thanks much!

    It seems there have been no takers. I’m not a programmer but real good at cut and paste… If you would give me a place to start I’ll go in and fiddle around. It seem to me maybe start with “UserListclass.php
    and instead of creating a new plugin just adding the functions?

    Adding a new grouping option involves these 3 steps:

    1) lib/ UserList.class.php, function _group(): Add new case statement 'bp-group' which reformats the list of users into the grouped list of users.

    2) lib/UserList.class.php, function _group_name(): Add new case statement 'bp-group' which returns the title of a group given the buddypress group id. The id passed to this function is the id which you
    use in 1) for grouping the users.

    3) lib/AuthorAvatarsForm.class.php, function renderFieldGroupBy(): Add new option “BuddyPress Group” to $group_by_options array with the key being 'bp-group'.

    Also, the easiest way of sending changes back to me are SVN patches; there is a short guide on this page on how to create them: (ignore the part on “applying patches”).

    (The svn url for trunk is:

    Adding options to not only group by BuddyPress Groups but also filter by them (so you can only display users of a certain group) involves a few more steps; let me know how you get on and I can have a closer look at that as well…

    In General: UserList.class.php is where the list of users gets compiled so things like the actual filtering, grouping etc. takes place in there; and AuthorAvatarsForm.class.php is the file in which the form elements used on the widget control panel and the shortcode wizard are constructed.

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