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  • The author advertising plugin doesn’t work for AdSense.
    The creator uses PHP to swap out your ID with the post writers ID.
    My fried wrote a post yesterday, which received 400 unique visitors.
    If you looked at the HTML code, his Publisher ID showed 50% of the time.
    When logging into his AdSense account the next day, it showed no impressions.

    I looked at this post over at TechFilipino:

    He agrees that the plugin is BROKEN:

    “Then I realized it is because with the new Google Adsense Codes just changing the publisher ID doesn’t work, and you’d need the old Google Adsense codes to make it work. This is because of the google_ad_slot, which is unique to the creator of the ad and won’t work with other Publishers.”

    In his solution, he said to visit a website called old adsense code. However, this could be against AdSense TOS.

    With that said, I have NO IDEA how to get this plugin to work. My site allows anyone to register and begin making money, so I need a plugin that will allow anyone to register and enter their AdSense information.

    I may end up allowing publishers to enter their AdSense code directly into the WordPress post, but I fear that that would give them too much control.

    I don’t really know what to do at this point.

    But for those that are wondering, this plugin DOES NOT WORK with AdSense.

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  • It looks like hubpages uses old AdSense code to get their revenue sharing to work. (Their running a similar system. I may just do the same thing)

    I’m continuing to do research. I’ll let you know my findings

    UPDATE: I’ve found that all AdSense Revenue sharing sites, or at least the 5 that I looked at, are using the Old AdSense Code. Using the old AdSense code WILL fix the problem, and will work with AdSense Revenue Sharing Plugin.

    The NEW AdSense code will NOT work with the plugin. To get the old adsense code, check out:

    By the way, Hubpages uses the SAME code found here. So I’m not sure if it’s against tos, but I am sure if it was, not everyone would be doing it.

    Thank god I found this post! It was what I needed! This was driving me nuts, I couldn’t make it work with the adsense code and now finally it does work by using the old code! I can’t see why it shouldn’t work with the new one though since you are able to enter a custom pub-id and ad-slot for each one

    Still at least it finally works

    I hold my adsense revenue sharing site since Google changed adsense code.

    I’m looking for a new plugin that works with new adsense code

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