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  • Hi,

    Love the idea behind the plug-in, but I do have an issue with it that prevents me from using it.

    I already have over 300 posts with audio using the Audio Player plug-in by Martin Laine. While I’d like to switch over to Audiobar, it seems not to work with mp3 files hosted on a separate site.

    Considering the volume of audio that I post, I prefer to have it offsite (in my case, Soundowl) but all I get when using Audiobar is a Download button that links to my home page. So I can’t even partially use Audiobar for only some posts because then all my previous Download links are broken.

    I’d be eternally grateful if you knew how to fix this.

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  • Hi akadhim :]

    When you link to the audio files on someone else’s page, you are just using <a=href''> HTML tags, right? If you edit the post and view it in HTML mode you can check the tags around the URL.

    I tried it quickly and when my files were hosted on wordpress it played in audiobar, but the externally hosted file only come up as a link. I seem to be encountering a different outcome than you…

    Have you disabled Audio Player? If both of the plugins are trying to handle the file, that may be the problem.

    If it continues to be a problem after disabling Audio Player and using <a=href''> tags, I will forward your question to the programmer to get see if we can get to the bottom of this!


    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I did try disabling Audio Player with no difference. I don’t think that would do anything since I’ve set Audio Player to only work with the [audio:file.mp3] shortcode. It shouldn’t touch any <a> tags.

    And the links that did get screwed up when Audiobar was activated were in the format: <a href="">Download</a>

    They linked to mp3 files hosted by Soundowl. What happened was that the Download text was duplicated and the link just went back to my home page.

    For me its no longer an issue, as I just found a hack that gets Audio Player to work with HTML5, but it might be relevant for the programmer if he wants to test that behavior.


    Ok! Sorry it didn’t work out. Hopefully when the new version of Audiobar rolls out, all of these little bugs will be fixed – and you can use it to your heart’s content!

    I will forward this to Carlo and we will work on a remedy for this problem.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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