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    So it was working fine yesterday on most browsers, today however only for a few hrs and now it seems that it only works on my android galaxy nexus. The player can be seen, in all other browsers there is a window with a link to the youtube video only and the video still exists. What happened?

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  • same problem here …

    Wow I thought there was something seriously wrong with my theme for a second, What happened?

    Is there a fix for this issue yet?

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    Bang… Looks like YouTube changed the player code…

    Sorry folks, I’ll do my best to find a workaround, but as you can imagine I don’t have any control on how YT works 🙁

    I’ll take a look and report back: with good or bad news…

    hey brasfolio, sis there anyway to make the player appear in a pop up after clicking on a link? That would be amazing. It takes a while to load thats why.

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    @max, I don’t undertand quite well your idea…

    Please update the plugin, the problem is solved 🙂

    I updated and it works great, thanks for a great plugin. Okay I will try explain a bit more, here is a page on my site you can look at for reference

    Now what I want is for the page itself to load quickly, as if the page was all text. I am guessing the Javascript takes time to load so as you notice logging on to the page above takes about 5 seconds more then a page with just text in it.

    What I was thinking is why not make this a type of pop up player, where say you provide a link that I could apply to text or even a picture, I could write the word “play” but apply your link, then when I hover on the word I can actually click on it and when I do the player loads and is set on autoplay so the song just starts right away. Is this possible? It would be amazing.

    I could have a list of say 100 songs in a page with the word play next to them and there would be no load times then I just click on one of the “play” words and voila the player appears and song is playing. You could even make a widget to go along with it, so when I click on the word “play” the player ion the widget begins playing the song.

    I also like the format on this site below but this looks a bit more advanced

    in this format you can click on play on a list of tracks and it plays on the player above, the great thing is there are no load times. Would you consider my idea or is this too much work.

    Thanks for update friend.

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    I see what you mean, and right now it’s a bit over-kill for me…

    But, while searching for a solution to the bug, I found this other plugin that does what you want:

    Hope it helps,

    Not sure how you managed to find this but its close to what I was looking foor, i will definetly try this out tonight.

    Thanks alot pal…..this should help with what I’m doing. 🙂

    just wanted to say this plugin is not that great, the player crashes fairly often and well just doesnt work very well, I need to find a popup that can be linked to a word in wordpress and will allow me to embed your player in it.

    Hey brassfolio how about 1 simple request. Can you make an extra setting that enables you to turn on autoplay for a second and then pause. That way if you have say 10 songs in a page, when the page loads they all play and stop right away, this way if I wait another few secs all of my songs will be loaded ready for listening?

    Plugin Author brasofilo


    That’s not a “simple” request, Max.

    If you research the YouTube API and find a way to do this, I can implement it in the plugin :p

    oh okay lol sorry , I honestly didn’t know. I will look up what you said , btw there is a plugin called wp video lightbox, not available inb wordpress onm;y by downloading through the net, but its amazing, I don;t know why its not available through any of the wordpress search engines. But yeah its pretty amazing.



    My Player has stopped working. It shows the player but displays a message that says the player is too small. I’m just using the audio link but if you click the player it takes you to youtube to watch the video on youtube. Please help. My entire blog uses this plugin.

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