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WPAudio - new install - player not doing anything (1 post)

  1. jambay53
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I'm sure this is something I'm doing wrong, but...

    I've just installed/activated WPAudio. I've gone to its SETTING page and told it to 'convert all MP3s on my site', and to 'handle audio player tags'.

    Within WordPress I edit the page that will contain the player. (Incidentally, I'm not using WP's default Page Editor; I'm using Dean's FCKEditor instead).

    As per these instructions, I click the Add Audio button, choose the MP3 from my Media Library, but under the Link URL field I don't get Audio Player.

    But I Insert into Post, regardless.

    The MP3's name appears on the page, hyperlinked. I publish the page (in Firefox or IE7), click the MP3's link and get a 404 error. Or if I go back and fiddle with the tag around the MP3 (i.e. doing this:

    Artist - Song

    ...or this:

    [wpaudio url="http://url" text="Artist - Song" dl="0"] )

    ...then publish the page and click the link, my browser just opens a new tab, invokes QuickTime and plays the MP3 with that.

    So two things, please: can someone please point me to a site where I can see how WPAudio is *supposed* to work, and can someone please help me troubleshoot this problem?

    Kind regards,

    Jason Paris

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