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    You uploaded the plugin to a folder called audio-player-2beta1. The folder should be called audio-player. Rename it and it should work OK.



    You shouldn’t have to move any file. Simply download the archive and upload everything to your plugins folder. The audio-player.php file should be directly under the audio-player folder.

    Like this: /wp-content/plugins/audio-player/audio-player.php

    And make sure you don’t have multiple audio-player.php files in there.



    I will be adding the full list of runtime options to the site soon.


    Wow – I knew it was gonna be something simple like that…
    was wondering why the admin area wasn’t looking like it was in the screenshots..

    – also added a few pixels to the margin that I think you were talking about Mosey


    Check soon and listen to some Classical Saxophone!!

    Hi Martin,
    Here is the site:

    Do you have the same problem? (works in FF, but not in IE7 or Safari?)

    Any ideas?


    PS I’ve been reading these other threads, and the player seems to be installed correctly, with the correctly named folder, etc.

    I am using beta 2 in standalone mode. A reminder so you don’t have look for my previous message. I am trying to set the background color since I am displaying it on a back background page. Currently past the play button is white.

    Thanks for your help.


    First, make sure you have the latest files. The option you need to set is pagebg and you don’t need the ‘0x’ in front anymore so set it to ‘000000’.

    I haven’t written up how to use Audio Player on non WordPress sites yet so I’m not sure how you are using it. The option must passed in as a FlashVar. You can use the audio-player.js file supplied in the zip file and work out how to use it (look at how it is setup in the What’s New page).



    I looked at your blog and it looks like some BR tags are being included inside the script tags that control the players. This doesn’t seem to bother FF but IE and Safari don’t like it. I’m not sure why these tags are being inserted. Maybe you have a plugin doing some extra formatting?

    I will make a small change to try to counter this and include it in the next beta release. Keep an eye on this thread for the announcement.


    i think i might of spotted a bug (or might just be using the pluging incorrectly)

    if i try and specify the track names it seems to work, but only plays the last track.

    [audio:BWARE03A.mp3|titles=Symptomless Coma|artists=Donny,
    BWARE03D.mp3|titles=Cybernetics VIP|artists=Current Value]

    any ideas?

    i think i’ve found another issue. i figured a simple work around for my problem would just be to tag the mp3 files with the correct information.

    So i deleted them from the server but they seems to be cached in the player, 3 for the 4 tunes still play, only one comes up as file not found.


    The correct syntax is:

    [audio:BWARE03A.mp3,BWARE03B.mp3,BWARE03C.mp3,BWARE03D.mp3|titles=Symptomless Coma,Markus,Fuct,Cybernetics VIP|artists=Donny,BSoul,T.Z.A.,Current Value]


    Thanks Martin,
    Yes with that many small images we had a terrible time with line hard line breaks. The WSIWYG editor is doing a terrible job of adding or removing them, perhaps that’s affecting the player?

    Is there anything I can do for now?

    Thanks for your help. I look forward to the next release.



    You could try this if you feel comfortable editing the php file:

    Open audio-player.php

    Replace line 460 to 464 with the following:

    $playerCode .= '<script type="text/javascript">';
    $playerCode .= 'AudioPlayer.embed("' . $playerElementID . '", ' . $this->php2js($playerOptions) . ');';
    $playerCode .= '</script>';

    Basically, you are removing the line breaks (\n) and the comment tags.

    Let me know if it fixes it.


    I have a little problem : in the admin panel, the configuration page of Audio Player is blank !
    I use WordPress 2.5.1 with the french translation and the Audio Player 2.0 beta 1.

    The plugin works (i can add music in my blog), but i can’t configure the player… Is someone have the same problem ?

    Thanks for your plugin and for your help 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 530 total)
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